Firebase Analytics Bigquery Subscription – How much it Cost to the Company – Part I

No Business Lunch is Free. Google is one of the major technology company that gives most of the products for free is started moving there product & service into subscription model.

Hope most of the digital marketers & data analyst will aware the Google is shutting down Google Analytics for APP and ask everybody to migrate to Firebase analytics for APP.

Firebase analytics for App is not Free. To get control over data, we need to subscribe to bigquery to extract granular data. 

Let look into Firebase analytics Bigquery subscription 

Google Charge for the below per Month on Three Components 

  • Active Storage in Bigquery Per Month
  • Streaming Data Inserts per Month
  • Querying the dataset Via Bigquery Per Month (Output)

Google Charge for the below each month

Active Storage Per Month

  • Each Month first 10GB data storage Free for each project 
  • After 10 GB Google is charging 0.020 Cent (USD) Per GB for each project
  • If we are not appending the table for 90 Days, the Pricing Falls by 50%  that is 0.010 Cent USD 

Google Charge for the below each month Streaming Data Inserts per Month (Input)For 1 GB Streaming of data to bigquery Table they charge (1024 [1GB]/200MBX0.01) – 0.05 Cents USD 

Querying the dataset Via Bigquery

  • 1TB free for each Month  for each project
  • After 1 TB, for each extra 1 TB queried, Google will charge 5 USD Per   per Project  

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