How to rectify sweaked Bounce Rate due to Virtual Pageviews

If you generate Virtual pageviews while Home page loading, you won't get the actual bounce rate of home page. If the bounce rate is incorrect, it is difficult to understand how will the visitor engagement. Best way to determine the correct home page is to Filter the Virtual Home page through Advanced Segmentation. Pls. find below the Screenshot for better understanding

Second International Conference on Business Analytics and Intelligence

Second International Conference on Business Analytics and Intelligence Date: 18 - 20, December 2014 Venue: Satish Dhawan Auditorium, IISc Bangalore The Operational Research Society of India Bangalore Chapter (ORSI-BC), initiated by … [Continue reading]

Google News Publisher Center – Publish Effectively through Google News

For News Sites to publish effectively through google news, Google launched Google News Publisher Center.  What you can do with Google News Publisher Center Check your blog current section URLs are crawled / indexed by Google … [Continue reading]

Why Big Data won’t Pay off & how to Harness big data?

Why big data fails? - The biggest reason that investment in big data fails to Pay off, is that most companies don't do a good job with the information they already have Firms that evaluate big data - Firms such as Google, … [Continue reading]

Google Analytics Ecommerce Integration Pain Point

Google analytics has awesome real time report, but it does not support ecommerce tracking. Very difficult to test the ecommerce data population in real time. Hope, google analytics team will integrate the ecommerce real time tracking in … [Continue reading]

Why do brands need to Reinvent? – KeyNote by Mr. D Shivakumar – Chairman & CEO – Pepsico India

One reason is when they fail to keep the promises they made. Emotional Connect - Brands are fundamentally about emotions & strong brands evoke Emotions Consumers to Hydrid Consumers - Consumers to Hybrid consumers. There is no Segment … [Continue reading]

Unilever’s Marketing Philosphy on Brand Building by Hemant Bakshi – Executive Directory – HUL

Unilever's marketing philosopy Follows three key principles. One of the Key things is to put people First. We deiberately call them "people" not "consumers" because when you understand people holistically, you can determine … [Continue reading]

GA System Defined Channels – How they Build from Source / Medium Dimensions

Direct - Source exactly matches Direct AND Medium exactly matches (not set) OR Medium exactly matches (none) Organic Search - Medium exactly matches organic Referral - Medium exactly matches referral Email - Medium exactly … [Continue reading]

Identify Micro Conversion to drive macro conversion

Micro Conversion are the key elements that drives Macro conversions. Management or the sale team mainly focus / crunch  on Macro Conversion like Sale, Subscription, leads. There are various factor that drives that Macro Conversion like Landing … [Continue reading]

Virtual Pageviews affect bounce rate metrics – Case Study

Virtual Pageviews is a powerful method to populate customized URL structure in the backend to track the visitor behavior. At the same time, this will impact the bounce rate metrics during below scenario If we are populating a virutal … [Continue reading]