Google Analytics Terminology: “Visits” to “Sessions” “Unique Visitors” to “Users”

Google Analytics Changed the Metrics Terminology – “Visits” to “Sessions” & “Unique Visitors” to “Users”. This change  is done to unify the metrics terminology of web & app. 

Some metrics and dimensions used different names in app views and in web views, even though they presented the exact same data. Now, all metric, dimensions, and segment names are the same, regardless if they’re used for web or app data. This gives you a clear and consistent way to analyze and refer to all of your Google Analytics data.

Data Analytics Success depends on Integration & Inference

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Remarketing & Demographic Report enabled in Universal Analytics (Out of Beta)

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Twitter Characteristics

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Acquistion – Optimization – Retention – Marketing Best Practices

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Search Characteristics – The User Intent

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Facebook Characteristics – Social Media Characteristics

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Integrate Google Analytics with Admob

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Different communication is required based on website visitor intent

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