Pokemon Go – Game of location based Virtual Reality

Image Courtesy - PCMag.comPokemon Go App crossed 1.6 Million downloads in a week. This is because the App is addictive & Viral in nature.

Why the App is Viral?

  • Animation Character –  App with the animation character called Pokemon Since 1995 
  • Audience – The people who have Seen Pokemon & grown are in the age of 20 to 30yrs
    Image Courtesy: PCMag.com
  • Connect – Young Audience can easily connect with the character & play
  • APP USP – Location with Animation provides the real time activity exprience (Whether, other gaming app lacks)

When i was a kid, our generation was much fascinated with 3D movies, Where movies give us good visual experience. Now a days most of the animated movies are comes with 3D effects.

What Next for Pokemon G? (Just a prediction)

  • 3D – They will provide 3D effect. You need to wear 3D Glass for better Visual experience
  • Group Game – Finding Pokemon in Groups
  • selfie – after winning the Go, we have click a selfie with Pokemon
  • Tie-up – They have tie-up with fitness products like Fitbit to promote futhur. There may be a chance, the app is acquired by Fitness companies


  • Pokeman Go makes you walk. 
  • It provides you vitrual & actual gaming experience

More Gaming Apps follow Pokeman USP. Surely, Pokeman Go is a game changer in Digital Gaming Industry.

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