Top Marketers on the Next Years for Marketing & Social Media Presence (Vol 2)










Marketer On the next 5 years for marketing: On an engaging social media presence:
Mark Schaefer – Executive Director | Schaefer Marketing Solutions We all will be dealing with exploding amounts of content vying for the consumer’s attention  Have the courage to be human. Show yourself 
Steve Farnsworth – CMO | The @Steveology Group Over the next 5 years a thinning of the herd will happen again  to marketers who fail to welcome and embrace marketing analytics. Develop your skills as a storyteller, and see social as a medium
Alan See – Chief Marketing Officer | CMO Temps, LLC  I expect greater focus on this new solution category known as social employee advocacy  Make sure you maintain a level of personal brand consistency
Jill Konrath – CEO | Jill Konrath, Inc. When marketing and sales are tied together by similar goals, everything changes – for the better!   Make buyer’s feel like you’re their smart friend who’s there to help them 
Cheryl Burgess – Chief Executive And Chief Marketing Officer | Blue Focus Marketing Over the next five years more C-Suite executives will be actively participating on social media Focus on building a community. Extend your reach. Grow your audience 

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