“Buy Now Button” in Google & Facebook – Product & Consumer Behavior Insights

Facebook & Google is slowly introducing / testing "Buy Now Button" option in their interface. The catch is that, you don't have to reach the ecommerce site to make the payment. It cuts the multiple registration process in ecommerce sites. The payment process will be completed by Google / Facebook instantly. 

  • Insights from Facebook / Google Perspective

    • Small Ecommerce Site Targettting – Google / Facebook is trying to leverage on small ecommerce site through Website ecommerce solution provider to use the payment option module at attractive rates.
    • Big Ecommerce site Targetting  – With the power of re-targetting, Google & Facebook can persuade big ecommerce giants like amazon use the "buy now option"
    • Google creates disruption in price sensitive market (Like India) by using "Buy Now Button" in product listing ads 

Consumer Behavior in Google

  • Consumer will decide & buy the product in search interface itself based on the price sensitive (After reputed brand, price will play the key role)
  •  Seller Rating / Google+ can persuade the purchase (that includes quality of service / delivery of product)
  • Consumer does research & do purchase in one platform instantly
  • Consumer won't go to small ecommerce sites & make purchase.
  • In long run, Google may distrupt the Ecommerce Gaints business

Consumer Behavior in Facebook

  • Consumer will decide & buy the product in facebook based on likes / Comments. Facebook Page act as customer support interface      
  • Good comment from the friends increase the probablity of buying 
  • Video Ads with buy now option is any added advantage


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