Adwords Enhanced Campaign will leverage on Mobile Device Visitor Behavior

Google Adwords launched enhanced Campaign model. What's new. Targetting & Managing Multi Screen Consumer is very easy using this interface. More over, enhanced campaign report helps to figure out lead attribution better. Whether the visitors reach through mobile device then purchase the product through desktop or wise-versa.

Digital Marketing Analtyics - Mobile Advertising for local busines

The ad are served based on

  • Search Intention – What the searcher exactly looking for
  • Context

    • From which device the searcher is searching for
    • Location (From Which location the searcher is seaching for
    • Time of the day – At what time the search is searching for​​

If a searcher is searching for Pizza from Desktop, Different Adtext is served. If a searcher is searching for Pizza from Mobile, different adtext is served. Ultimately everything boils down to relevance, personalized results based on the location. Mobile & local business their is urge market potential. Google Giant will leverage this potenital