Google Analytics for Firebase – What’s in the Store? – Part 1

Google Analytics SDK will be decommissoned on 31st Oct'19. If you installed Firebase, You can upgrade to Google Analytics for firebase for free. 

Google is very smart. They Killed the Google Analytics SDK that gives awesome report for users but unable to generate revenue for Google.  Moreover, Nobody is willing to migrate to firebase because of Google Analytics SDK. So they decommission the Google Analytics SDK & made the Google analytics for firebase a revenue generating product. 

Let's see what's in the store for Google Analytics for Firebase

  • Free Tool but restricted (Kind of Free) – Google Analytics for Firebase is Free Tool, but the data access is restricted
  • Sampled Report (Full Report – Subscribe to Bigquery) – Google analytics for Firebase provides Sample data for larger time window
  • Analysis Hub (Sampled Data) – Analysis Hub help us to build Funnel, Custom report, Path Aanalysis, Segment Overlap But these data are sampled
  • Fractured Event Data – You are see all the event count & users like firebase but we cann't export event params (We need to subscribe for Big Query)

Report that are fetched from Firebase

  • Real Time report Fetched from Firebase
  • Event Report 
  • Audience
  • User Property
  • Debug View 

Report We can Fetch 

  • New User Source Wise Report & we can apply secondary dimensions
  • Get Device Wise Report & we can apply secondary dimensions
  • Get Screenwise report & we can apply secondary dimensions
  • Get Demography report & we can apply secondary dimensions
  • APP Release App Status

Google Analytics for App Promo in Firebase – But Google Analytics for App will be Decommission on 31st Oct 2019…

In Firebase, I am getting Google analytics for App Promo. But Google is going to Decommission "Google Analytics SDK for APP" from 31st Oct'19. Then Why Google is showing "Google Analytics for APP" Begin Upgrade Promo in Firebase?  Pls. find below the screenshot 

SEO Strategies from 90s to 2020

SEO Strategies From 90's to 2020
1999-2005 Keyword Stuffing
  Domain Keywords
  Doorway Pages
  Link Exchange
2006-2011 Content Quality
  TLD Domains
  One Way Link Builinding
  OnPage Optimization
  Long Tail Keywords Optimization
2012-2017 Mobile Friendly Websites
  Local SEO
  Social Media Signals
  Domain Authority
2018-2020 Mobile First
  Voice Search
  Social Media Signals

Indian Senior Citizen Conversation about digital

While commuting in train, I sat next to economically backward senior citizens. Their conversation made me inquisitive… The reason is they are talking about digital.

Below is there conversation!

  • Senior Citizen 1 : Yesterday My Son asked my approval to buy Grocery through Online….. He Conveyed that ordering grocery online comes with huge discount… Then I Said "Go for it".. To my surprise, the Grocery was delivered today early morning…
  • Senior Citizen 2: What way it is different from Local Kirana Shops ?
  • Senior Citizen 1: They gave huge discount for Grocery & transparency in the pricing & prompt delivery… I am going to get new mobile for me today… will order grocery through online.

For me their conversion is amazing… Seniors Citizen are willing to adapt to digital….

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Firebase Performance Monitoring Report – Part 1

Firebase provides performance report for  Apps & Web Apps Platform. Let's foucs in the performance report related to Apps

The Firebase Peformance Report contains 3 Tabs

1. Dashboard
2. On Device Performance Report
3. Network Performance Report 


The dashboard Contains below performace related report

  • Issues this month by importance – Recent performance issues are given more importance related to app_inforeground, slow response
  • Slow rendering by screen
  • Network success rate – The percentage of HTTP/S requests made by the app that return with a 2xx or 3xx response code. You can find more information under the Network Requests tab.
  • Network response latency
  • Network response MIME types 
  • App start trace: Median duration

2. On Device Performance Report

Traces – A trace is a report of performance data captured between two points in time in your app. 

There are two type of traces report

1. Automated Traces report
2. Custom Traces report

Automated Traces report – The Automated report has below traces

  • App in Foreground –    measure the time when the app is running in the foreground and available to the user
  • App in Background –    measure the time when the app is running in the background
  • app start –    measures the time between when the user opens the app and when the app is responsive
  • Metrics – Seconds (Median)

Custom Traces

  • A custom trace is a report of performance data associated with some of the code in your app. You define the beginning and end of a custom trace using the APIs provided by the SDK

Firebase Analytics – Awesome App Analyitcs Acquisition Report from Firebase

Custom  APP Acquisition Report

APP Installs 

we can build aweseome custom acquistion report from Firebase for App Acquisition Conversio 

  • App Installs to Registration Conversion – No. of  user Installed APP & Initated Registration 
  • App Installs to Registration Source Wise Conversion – No. of  user Installed APP & Initated Registration Source Wise 
  • App Installs to Registration Country Wise Conversion- No. of  user Installed APP & Initated Registration Country Wise
  • App Installs to Registration City Wise Conversion – No. of  user Installed APP & Initated Registration City Wise
  • Registration Form Field Abondenment – From Which  Form Field the User Dropout from Registration 

APP Uninstalls

  • APP User Life time report – from Install to Uninstall  
  • App Uninstall SourceWise
  • App Uninstall Country Wise
  • App Uninstall City Wise

Mix Panel for App Analytics & User engagement

Mix Panel is one of the best App analytics tool for small & middle level enterprise. The Best app analytics tool to track the App User Engagement.

We can push custom attributes to event to capture key metrics!

In Mix Panel, the event can send below attributes to come-up with the actionable insights

  • Engagement attribute – Product call to action, venues, etc
  • Referral source attribute – Referral source / notification sources
  • Member attribute – Matri-id, Member Type, Gender, Registration date, Login date

Super Property – We can define Super Property to the event to tag attributes across all events
User Profiles or People Property – In addition to events, you can store user profiles in Mixpanel's People Analytics product. Profiles are persistent sets of properties that describe a user – things like name, email address, and signup date.

Mixpanel Limitations

  • Geo City level data is not provided
  • For Acquisition report, we need to like for other tools like Appsflyer

How to Effectively Optimization Firebase Analytics – Bigquery – Datastudio?

What you should not do in Firebaase, Bigquery, Datastudio that will increase the subscription cost exponentially !

  • Select * –  Don't query Select * command while querying – It will result in  exponential increase in Bigquery Analysis TB consumption  & subscription cost
  • Connecting the dataset directly –  Don't connect biquery tablet with datastudio directly – Each time you call the data studio report, it will query lifetime time window of the firebase dataset
  • Don't Crashanalytics  to Bigquery – Unless & unintall it is very essential to infer from it.
  • Dataset Time Window quering – Don't query larger dataset, unless / until it is extermely important
  • Don't Filter Field in Datastudio – Don't filter dimension in datastudio, for every change it will query whole dataset
  • Custom Events – Don't Push Unwanted Events to Bigquery
  • Multiple Apps in one Project – Don't have multiple Apps in Single Firebase  Project

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Firebase Analytics Bigquery Subscription – How much it Cost to the Company – Part I

No Business Lunch is Free. Google is one of the major technology company that gives most of the products for free is started moving there product & service into subscription model.

Hope most of the digital marketers & data analyst will aware the Google is shutting down Google Analytics for APP and ask everybody to migrate to Firebase analytics for APP.

Firebase analytics for App is not Free. To get control over data, we need to subscribe to bigquery to extract granular data. 

Let look into Firebase analytics Bigquery subscription 

Google Charge for the below per Month on Three Components 

  • Active Storage in Bigquery Per Month
  • Streaming Data Inserts per Month
  • Querying the dataset Via Bigquery Per Month (Output)

Google Charge for the below each month

Active Storage Per Month

  • Each Month first 10GB data storage Free for each project 
  • After 10 GB Google is charging 0.020 Cent (USD) Per GB for each project
  • If we are not appending the table for 90 Days, the Pricing Falls by 50%  that is 0.010 Cent USD 

Google Charge for the below each month Streaming Data Inserts per Month (Input)For 1 GB Streaming of data to bigquery Table they charge (1024 [1GB]/200MBX0.01) – 0.05 Cents USD 

Querying the dataset Via Bigquery

  • 1TB free for each Month  for each project
  • After 1 TB, for each extra 1 TB queried, Google will charge 5 USD Per   per Project  

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