Artificial Intelligence will disrupt the World in Few Years

Artifical Intelligence started disrupting the world. Most of the big companies invest heavily on artifical intelligence to make their product & services smarter (Few Example:Google, Amazon). What So Special about Artificial Intelligence??? In Artifical Intelligence, there is one branch called "DeepLearning" that deals with Neural Networks Which imbbibe the software / Robots to learn by itself like humans.

Neural Networks is the Science of Mapping Human Brain Signals & Behavior and try to Imitate/Imbibe the Human Behavior in Software & Robotics to learn by itself. The Task as we are doing now, will be absolute in near future. AI will be flooded across domains. 

One side AI is Awesome, otherside it is scary…. AI will take care of 70 to 80% of task what we human beings are doing now. 

In my childhood, I watched a science fiction Movie Call "Predicator" an Extrateristial confront with Human.Extrateristial living thing think & act smarter than human. I think, AI will do that same.We Humans Be Prepared, otherwise we become obsolete to AI 

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Progressive Web Apps PWA Vs Apps

In Future, Most of the Business Digital Platform will migrate to PWA… Why? Becuase of the below advantage & convience. Business will not build Mobile Apps unless & until it is utmost essential for their business. Progessive Web Apps delivers true value to SME's. The PWA has a edge over Apps on

  • User Exprerience
  • User Control
  • Offline Access
  • Speed
  • Adaptability 
Particulars Progressive Web Apps Apps
Downloading the APP from
Play Store or App Store
Not Required Required
App Experience 100% 100%
App Installation Not Required Required
Offline Browsing Possible Not Possible
Platform Desktop, Mobile Mobile
Page / Screen Rendering Speed Lighting Fast even 2G Connection
Doable using AMP
Not as fast rendering like AMP
Search Engine Friendly Yes Yes
Modify Publish Modiify& Publish anytime Modify, Publish anyday & anytime is not possble. Nee Verification & approval from Appstore 
Push Notification Doable Doable
Updates  Not required required
Rendered in Web Browsers Yes No

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How to Tracking PWA using Google Analytics? PWA is a Single Page Application (SPA)

PWA TrackingProgressive Web Apps (PWA) is a new technology that gives App experience to the mobile users that who browse
website. The Browser no need to downloading or installing the App. Moreover, the Browser can browse the site
offline (awesome…) 

How to make the PWA Trackable

PWA is Single Page Application (SPA), This means no unique URL is called while navigating in PWA. 
This is major challange to track the PWA Engagement. 

  • Define Synthetic URL – Start building synthetic URL for each engagement then push to google analytics 
  • Define Call to Action – Define the call to action that needs to be tracking Via Events (Ex. Form Registration,
  • Subscription, etc) 
  • Define Custom Dimensions – Define the Segment in the website that needs to be tracked (Ex. Visitor, Member)
  • Define channel – Define custom channels that needs to be tracked 

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Free Single Page Website for Small business from Google

Image Courtesy: Search Engine LandSmall business can build single page website for free using the website building tool called "Website" .Via Google My Business. You can build website with responsive design. The website is Search engine friendly & Google Map friendly.

Why Google is giving the website free?

  • Lead Gen Strategy – Free website give Small business lead contact & info for free 
  • Most of the small business deals caters to local or micro locality audience. Giving the website free with seo friendly features & Map integration features, it is easy for google to translate to Paid client
  • More Localised Service provider –  Google will get more info & more control are service provider website that caters local audience
  • More Verticals – Even Medium level enterprise are wooed & will create free website(even they have the website) to take advantage of local listing  

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Google Optimize Part II

Google Optimize Experiment  Features 

  • The Experiment objective can be mapped to Goals, Pageviews, Sessions, Bounce
  • It is possible to set in what % of page Variants needs to be shown to visitors
  • It is possible to serve the test specific to region, browser, OS

Google Optimize Experiments Settings 

  • Objective –  The objective can be mapped to Goals, Pageviews, Sessions, Bounce Rate
  • Variant – Build Variant 1, Variant 2
  • Targetting 

    • Visitor Targetting
    • Traffic Segment
    • When the Experiement needs to be triggered
    •  When the Page Loads
    • Add Conditions (City, Browser, etc)

Google Optimize Reports & Google Analytics Reports  

Google Optimize Report – It is avaiable n the respective Testing Interface (Experiment Sessions,Improvement Overview,Goal Conversion Report, Conversion Rate Overtime) 

Google Optimize Report in Google Analytics

Google Optimize Report is available in Google Analytics in Behavior Sections > Publisher > Experiments

  • Experiment Sessions
  • Conversion
  • Conversion rate
  • Compare to Original
  • Probability of Outperforming Original

Linking Google Optimize with adwords brings full potenial of optimize & to acquire leads @ better CTL that results in better ROI 


Google Optimize / Google Survey Adds Value to Google Adwords

Those are the days, you need to build campaign in Adwords & test the landing page Via third party tool like offermatica, inspectlet, etc. Now Google Giant Launched Landing Page testing tool called "Google Optimize" in March 2017 & Sync the tool with Google Adwords New Interface few days back.

What is Google Optimize?
Free Landing Page Optimization  Tool to test the Landing Page Performance of different Variant

Platform that we can Test the Google Optimize ?
WEB & WAP Platform, we can test in Google

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Types of Landing Page Experiment Can be done in Google Optimize?

Redirect Test  – Type of A/B test that allows you to test separate web pages against each other
The Two Separate Variant calls our webpages 

When to do Redirect Test?
If we want to test two landing page performance with totally different theme, design & communication & but the landing page objective is same. Go for Redirect Test 

A/B Test  – Test randomized experiment using two variants of the same web page (A and B)
The Multiple Landing Page Variant (Apart from Original) can be build using the Visual Editor Tool through Chrome Browser with the help of Chrome Addons

When to do  A/B Testing?
If we want to test two or more variant performancce in the landing page, then go for A/B Test

MultiVariate Test
Tests variants of two or more elements simultaneously to see which combination creates the best outcome. The Multiple Landing Page Variant (Apart from Original) can be build using the Visual Editor Tool through Chrome Browser with the help of Chrome Addons

When to do Multivariate Test?
If we want to test a landing page with differnt theme & different variant, go for Multivariate test. 

Firebase Product Real Time Facelift like Google analytics

Previously  in firebase it is not possible to validate the tracking during analytics implementation to minimize
the errors. Now in firebase, they introduce real time report

Like Google Analytics, Firebase launched two type off real time report to track the User engagement  

1. StreamView
2. DebugView

Image Courtesy : Firebase BlogWhat is StreamView?

  • Streamview is a firebase realtime report that helps to Monitor / Understand the User & Event Engagement for the past 30 Minutes

StreamView features

  • Individual User Engagement – It is possible to capture specific Individual user engagement report (User Snapshot). This is very useful for testing purpose (Click on User
  • Snapshot Button) 
  • User & Event Tracking Marquee – Real Time "User Tracking" by User Property Value, Location & App Version (Pls. Note: User properties are attributes you define to describe segments of your userbase, such as language preference or geographic location)
  • Real Time "Event Tracking by Top Events, Top location & App Version
  • Filter user property with Secondary Dimension, top events Country & App Version
  • Time Details Bar Chart – Time details bar chart for the past 30 Minutes 
  • Trending Report by User Property (OS / Device)


  • Debugview is a testing phase real time report that helps to identify errors during analytical implementation
  • By default, Debugview is disabled. One need to enable Debugview on the development device
  • Stream Panel 

    • Minutes Panel (Left Panel) –  Count of Events triggered during the Minute logged upto 30 Minutes. 
    • Seconds Panel (Middle Panel) – Count of Events triggered during the particular time stamp
    • Top Events & user Property (Right Panel) – Top Events & Property populated during 30 Minutes from Development device

These real time report helps to validate the analytics implementation & track the different notification
performance real time 

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Syncing WEB / WAP & APP Ecosystem Through Progressive Web Apps

Businesses build seperate set-up to handle WEB, WAP & APP platform. But with the help of the Progressive Web Apps, it is easy to manage the multi device request (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet) through centrialized concept called progresstive Web Apps. Moreover, Google recommends Progressive Web Apps

Advantage of Progressive Web Apps

  • Centralized Coding for Multiple Device – No need to tweak coding for multiple device (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet) Image Courtesy:
  • Responsive Design – Customized User experience through responsive design for multiple device
  • Page Load Time – Progressive WEb apps loads the page instantly. Gives Better browsing experience
  • HTTPS Secure – Secured connect to WEB & APPS
  • Web Notification – Web push notifications makes it easy to re-engage with users by showing relevant, timely, and contextual notifications to the user, even when the browser is closed! 
  • Search Engine Friendly (SEO Optimized) – Progressive Web Apps are search engine friendly. We don't have to do SEO for WEB, wAP & APP ecosystem sepertely

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Does Mobile App Install / Uninstall does have relevance in future?

Image Courtesy - /blog.galaxyweblinks.comFor App platform, App Install & Uninstall is the key acquistion & product metrics. If a company publish new version, the existing & new users installs the New version of the App. Most of the companies come up with different strategies to maximize the install & retain the existing App Consumers.

The Existing Install & Uninstall Concept is painpoint for business & consumers because, every new version is realised the consumer needs to be update / install the App. 

In Future, I personally feel that there is no concept of Install / Uninstall. The App can be accessed from cloud. Just register / login from the cloud. 

Why Google introduced Google Data Studio 360?

Image Courtesy: http://online-behavior.comWhy Google introduced Google Data Studio 360?
The objective is to build integrated visualiation report from different data sources mainly from google products & from open source data tools in future.

Google Data Studio 360 – Eye Candy Data Visualization tool for Google Products & much more

Few days back google launched Google data studio 360  to connect & build eye candy graphic visualization reports

What type of Data sources you can connect with?
As of Now, you can connect with different data sources (Initally to google products that generate data like Google Analytics, Adwords, Youtube, Google Sheet, Big query). In future, you can connect with SQL 

What type of graphical representation you can do?
Charts, Graph, Pie Chart & much more

Is it possible to connect multiple data sources?
Yes, it is possible to connect with multiple data sources in one platform & represent the data from these sources

How for the product is Flexible?
You can see the graphical representation for different time window & understand the trend

Is it possible to import external data?
Yes, it is possible to track the external data (through calculated fields) & sync with your other data sources for meaningful insights.

How many reports you can build?
You can build upto 5 reports for free