How to Effectively Optimization Firebase Analytics – Bigquery – Datastudio?

What you should not do in Firebaase, Bigquery, Datastudio that will increase the subscription cost exponentially !

  • Select * –  Don't query Select * command while querying – It will result in  exponential increase in Bigquery Analysis TB consumption  & subscription cost
  • Connecting the dataset directly –  Don't connect biquery tablet with datastudio directly – Each time you call the data studio report, it will query lifetime time window of the firebase dataset
  • Don't Crashanalytics  to Bigquery – Unless & unintall it is very essential to infer from it.
  • Dataset Time Window quering – Don't query larger dataset, unless / until it is extermely important
  • Don't Filter Field in Datastudio – Don't filter dimension in datastudio, for every change it will query whole dataset
  • Custom Events – Don't Push Unwanted Events to Bigquery
  • Multiple Apps in one Project – Don't have multiple Apps in Single Firebase  Project

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Firebase Analytics Bigquery Subscription – How much it Cost to the Company – Part I

No Business Lunch is Free. Google is one of the major technology company that gives most of the products for free is started moving there product & service into subscription model.

Hope most of the digital marketers & data analyst will aware the Google is shutting down Google Analytics for APP and ask everybody to migrate to Firebase analytics for APP.

Firebase analytics for App is not Free. To get control over data, we need to subscribe to bigquery to extract granular data. 

Let look into Firebase analytics Bigquery subscription 

Google Charge for the below per Month on Three Components 

  • Active Storage in Bigquery Per Month
  • Streaming Data Inserts per Month
  • Querying the dataset Via Bigquery Per Month (Output)

Google Charge for the below each month

Active Storage Per Month

  • Each Month first 10GB data storage Free for each project 
  • After 10 GB Google is charging 0.020 Cent (USD) Per GB for each project
  • If we are not appending the table for 90 Days, the Pricing Falls by 50%  that is 0.010 Cent USD 

Google Charge for the below each month Streaming Data Inserts per Month (Input)For 1 GB Streaming of data to bigquery Table they charge (1024 [1GB]/200MBX0.01) – 0.05 Cents USD 

Querying the dataset Via Bigquery

  • 1TB free for each Month  for each project
  • After 1 TB, for each extra 1 TB queried, Google will charge 5 USD Per   per Project  

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Firebase Analytics with Bigquery

Firebase analytics with Bigquery

To export complete data from firebase analaytics, we need to connect Firebase analytics with Bigquery

After connecting the Bigquery the data will be populated within 24 Hours. We can start quering the bigquery & export the report

Report that you can export from Bigquery


  • App Screen report
  • Event report
  • APP Installs 
  • App Uninstalls Sourcewise
  • Crash Analytics Report
  • Firebase Cloud Notification Report
  • Geography Report (Country, Region, city)
  • Device Report (Device Name, Brand, Category, etc.) User Segment report 

Google Analytics for APP Expire on 31st Oct 2019

Google is sending emails that Google Analytics for Apps will be closed to see revenue from Firebase Analytics Big Query

  • Data collection and processing for such properties will stop on October 31, 2019.

  • Reporting access through our UI and API access will remain available for these properties' historical data until January 31, 2020.

  • After our service is fully turned down, these properties will no longer be accessible via our Google Analytics UI or API, and their data will be removed from Google Analytics servers. You will receive further notification when this time nears.

At this time, no Analytics 360 properties are impacted by these changes.

Firebase Notification New Feature – Reurrance Messaging

Few days back firebase come-up lot of new features. One nice feature related to firebase analytics is recurrance messaging. This means we can  automate the Notification on daily basis or Specific day of the week.

Previously Notification. Previously, you could only schedule one-time. Firebase  updated the campaign results view so that we can track the effectiveness of recurring notification campaigns day-by-day.


Firebase Cloud Notification – Engage with App Audience

Firebase is an awesome cloud notification tool that helps to send notification to specific audience. 

Build specific audience & send notification. 

The report you have

  • Notification sent to No. of Users
  • Users opened the notification
  • User Converted

The Key Aspect of Firebase Notification is how we segment the User to target them based on the business perspective.

Till, this firebase product can be improved 

If we can able to target Users who downloaded the app but not installed
If the firebase can able to tell the notification delivered data it would be great

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Social Media Post Visibility

If we publish a post in social media, how long the fresh post is better visibility.

what we understand from below report

* To Trend in Twitter, we need to post every 18 minutes
* To Trend in Facebook, you need to post every 5 Hours
* To Trend in Instagram, you need to post every 21 Hours

Google Ads – Google Optimization Score – SEM Optimization Dashboard – Driven by AI & Machine Learning

Few weeks back Google Launched Google Optimization Score Feature in Google Ads. You will find the Feature in Recommendation Tab in Google Ads. Using AI & Machhine Learning, Google will scan your Google Ads campaign & provide optimization Recommendations like

  • Budget Recommendationss
  • Bidding Recommendations
  • Snippet Recommendations
  • Extension Recommendations
  • Adgroup Recommendations
  • Redenant keywords
  • Existiing Campaign Optimization Suggestion 

How much is your Google Optimization Score? Beware if your Score is 100%, you are spending more… Google Loves to make you spend more… Makesure to align the Optimization Score with your digital marketing campaign objective  

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Google Ads Exact Match – Exact Match Keyword Intent Considered Through AI

Google Ads Exact Match Targetting, What it includes

  • Exact Match Keyword
  • Exact Match Keyword Plurals
  • Mispell or typo keywords
  • Intent of the query match the keyword (This is identified through AI)

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Google Analytics for Power Users Course in Analytics Academy

Google Analytics Academy come up with a new course Called "Google Analytics for Power Users"

The Google Analytics for Power Users Covers

  • Ecommerce Reporting – Detailed understanding on different ecommerce report in Google analytics & how to infer from business persceptive
  • Default Channel Grouping – When & How to build default channel grouping
  • KPI – Identifing Key Performance Insights from Google AnalyticsReports
  • Calculated Metrics – Building custom metrics like Pages/Users,etc
  • Page Scroll & video tracking in Google Analytics 
  • Ecommerce discussion metrics Cart to details, & Buy to Detail Rate insights  

Worth learning the course.