Why Twitter is the best Social Media Platform?

Twitter objective is very simple and straight forward. Connecting people without affecting their privacy (No Complication & Confusion).

Let we explore which Twitter is the best Social Media Platform

  • Best of Both World – Twitter Platform is good for B2B & B2C
  • Privacy – Won’t create privacy issues
  • No Distraction – Connecting people with content without confusion
  • Content is Short & Straight Forward – Netizens does not have the patience to browse through huge content. They will grasp the key elements of the content.
  • Mobile Compatibility – Twitter content is like Short Messaging Service (SMS). Twitter is the best fit for mobile users. Mobile is the emerging market in developing countries

I personally feel, Google should / may acquire twitter and sync with the Adwords (Paid Search). Oh! Am i leaked the Google future acquisition open secret :)

Google Plus (G+) likes in Google Paid Search Results

Google uses its search dominance to increase its social media market share (Google Plus). From today G+1 likes will be featured in Paid search results.


To take advantage of this, most of the adwords advertisers will use GPlus to promote its product & services. Google’s bread & butter is Adwords. It is Google Practice to leverage other products through Adwords and Vice Versa.

Marketing Communications: Below the Line (BTL) should Connect with Above the Line (ATL) for better ROI

In Marketing Communications (Marcomms), Below the Line activity should link with ATL activity. This will help to measure the BTL Communication responses.

Below are the ways to connect BTL with ATL

  • Coupons – Giving Free Coupon Ad Via Newspapers & magazines and redeem it through website (B2C Market)
  • Contest – Conducting Online Contest by reaching through BTL medium (Good for B2C & B2B Market)
  • Free Samples – Giving Free Samples through online registration by reaching though BTL Medium (B2C)

BTL should connect with ATL medium because, it is easy to measure the engagement of BTL medium through ATL response.

This will help both the B2B & B2C Category to measure its offline activity through online responses.

Digital Marketing / Advertising Ad Spend Per Internet User – Forecast

 Insight – As per eMarketer report, Australia, UK & US is the top three countries, where advertisers has to spend more money for customer acquisition. Even though, the forecast shows that the advertisers in these regions are desirous to allocate more budget for digital advertising in coming years. The reason is simple; the digital medium is measurable, feasible to optimize for better ROI.

Email / Mailer is the best channel for Relationship Marketing

A decade back, e-mail communications are particularly used by individuals to communicate with each other. Because of better internet connectivity and technological advancement, many businesses using this channel to reach their target audience.

Why Mailer for business? – “Acquiring a new customers is much expensive than retaining a existing one”. Mailer Campaign evolved beautifully in a decade. Due to Opt-in Model & Email Regulation /Compliance (Like Can Spam Act), Mailer emerged as a powerful medium to reach the prospect’s & audience.

Moreover there are many Autoresponder tools are available in the market to run DRIP Campaigns in cost-effective manner and also comply with Can Spam Act.

Mailer Channel Advantage

  • Measurable – Email Performance can be measured (Open Rate, Response, CTR)
  • Control – Easy to manage & control the mailer campaign. It take only few minutes to a set-up mailer campiagn
  • Engage – Reliable Channel to engage with prospects & consumers in regular intervals
  • Segment & Customize – Customized Messaging can be delivered for specific mailer list
  • Cost Effective – Reach wider audience at affordable cost
  • Co- Registration – Partnering with related business for co-registration helps to expand business

Mailer Campaign Don’ts

  •  Mailer Bombarding – Bombarding with Emails to opt-in customers in short span, will result in un-subscription
  • Generalization – Sending mailer without customization & mailer list segmentation, wn’t deliver result

Search Engine Optimization – SEO is not just about keyword & ranking

SEO is a process of optimizing the content for the audience in search engine friendly way. Understanding target audience and their behavior is essential to come-up with clear SEO approach.

Why SEO? – Search Medium is a pull medium and bringing relevant audience to the website delivers more engagement as compared to other digital mediums

SEO Purpose -The purpose of SEO is to drive relevant traffic/audience to the website. Creating awareness, interest in the product & service provided.

SEO is not project, its a process -There is no end to SEO activity. One can explore new Avenue or approaches and keep expanding the audience . It is evolving process.

SEO Success is not only about “ranking” – You need not be No.1 in organic search to drive traffic for your keyword. You may be in No. 5 position and can drive more traffic. Success of the SEO is based on delivering content “what consumers are looking for” continuously.It is not the position, it is the content that drives traffic.

Search engine Localization strategy: Google Adwords Zip Code targeting plays a key role

Localized targeting & customized messaging takes the digital marketing into a newer level. Pincode targeting helps in behavioral segmentation based on the area. Customized message delivers a better response.

Localized Targeting – Advantage B2C Industry

  • Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG)
  • shopping malls,
  • multiplexes
  • bouquet shop’s
  • call taxi
  • grocery

They can derive better results through this option. With localized targeting & customized messaging, advertisers can easily connect with the local people.

Even display networks can deliver better results & decent ROI. Consumers who see local area ads while reading a news or article, deliver better response & helps in brand recall. Moreover display network through zip code targeting will reinforce brand image.

Local Searches are done through mobile device than in desktop. So, Zipcode targeting through mobile devices to leverage on local search is very essential. Zipcode Targeting through a display network in PC/Desktop delivers a better results.  Because engagement is more in display network.

It is always a good practice to create a roadmap of how to use these local targeting for better results.

Social Media (Networking) is a boon …. If not managed properly, it will blemish the business

Social Networking is like a beautiful glass flowerpot. It needs to be handled with care. Social Media is many to many communications. Social Media is a great communication channel through which consumers can easily reach the business. It gives full freedom to consumers. They can easily escalate any issue to the business owners through this medium (More importantly; they are
communicating to the world).

Managing social media communication is very crucial for business. Social Media easily can tarnish the brand image due to few bad comments or postings (Even the competitor can play around

Business should have proper mechanism in place to handle Negative comments & communication. Else boon medium becomes bust. Social media helps in brand promotion & lead retention. It is very difficult to use social media as lead generation mechanism for B2B model.

Business can

  • Maximizing visitor engagement
  • Updating new products / services to the consumers
  • Conducting survey among the target audience & consumers
through social media.

It is better not to have sales tone in social communications. The core objective of social media should be meaningful engagement than sale. Social Media is Digital Word of Mouth (DWOM) for business with nuclear teeth. If managed properly, it speaks for you….

Google is No.1 because of its product strategy

It is interesting to watch, how Google has been transformed from statistical to search engine giant to Product company. Google strategy has very good foresightedness as compared to another other company in his class.

In most of the case Google won’t build product from the stretch. They acquire small companies and integrate with their existing product’s & services. For Example

  • Google Analytics (Urchin)
  • Youtube
  • Picasa
  • Feedburner
  • Writely (Google Docs)

Moreover, they update the product regularly to suits their product-line & consumer needs. All the Google products are free of cost (Except: Adwords – Bread & Butter for Google). They make the consumers addictive to their product’s & services. Once the consumers started using their products rigorously, they come-up with the “Premium Version” and start to generate revenue through them.

For Example

  • Google Analytics -> 86% of the business use GA. They come-up with premium support and start generaing revenue
  • Youtube -> No.1 Video property in the world. Google run ads & campaign in youtube
  • Google Drive (Google Docs) -> Premium backup plan

Beauty of Google is that, the way they implement new feature’s & upgrades to their products in short span. This is possible because, most of the Google employees love what they are doing (They have passion & entrepreneurial qualities). Google has all the ingredients to be No.1 in the Web (Like Money, Passion, Innovative, adaptability). In Most of the Google’s product life cycle, there is no saturation stage. They are always with the growth curve. Love to see you growing Google….

Digital Marketing Analytics = Performance based Behavioral Marketing

All the marketing activity performance is measured based on some yardstick. Even in offline marketing some yardstick is followed to understand the performance of the marketing. There is no foolproof mechanism in place to track the offline marketing performance.

Digital totally crashed this bottom neck. All the digital marketing activities  are track-able.  Below aspects in digital marketing that makes ” Mere Marketing” to “Performance based marketing”

  • Consumer Behavior – Understanding the consumer behavior through effective tracking
  • Customization – Customizing the product & services for target audience in less time
  • Behavioral Targeting – Guru for “Behavioral Targeting” is none other than “Google”

Analytics add “Intelligence” to marketing activity. Analytics takes marketing to next level. Analytics helps the marketers to understand the consumer behavior/taste and facilities the marketers to serve the consumers better. We can generate thousand of consumer reports / data using present web technology & analytics. But the real catch lies in

Defining the Problem -> Identifying the right Metrics for the Problem -> Generating the Quantitative Report -> Interpreting Quantitative Metrics to Qualitative Aspects . Because we are dealing with humans.