“Buy Now Button” in Google & Facebook – Product & Consumer Behavior Insights

Facebook & Google is slowly introducing / testing "Buy Now Button" option in their interface. The catch is that, you don't have to reach the ecommerce site to make the payment. It cuts the multiple registration process in ecommerce sites. The payment process will be completed by Google / Facebook instantly. 

  • Insights from Facebook / Google Perspective

    • Small Ecommerce Site Targettting – Google / Facebook is trying to leverage on small ecommerce site through Website ecommerce solution provider to use the payment option module at attractive rates.
    • Big Ecommerce site Targetting  – With the power of re-targetting, Google & Facebook can persuade big ecommerce giants like amazon use the "buy now option"
    • Google creates disruption in price sensitive market (Like India) by using "Buy Now Button" in product listing ads 

Consumer Behavior in Google

  • Consumer will decide & buy the product in search interface itself based on the price sensitive (After reputed brand, price will play the key role)
  •  Seller Rating / Google+ can persuade the purchase (that includes quality of service / delivery of product)
  • Consumer does research & do purchase in one platform instantly
  • Consumer won't go to small ecommerce sites & make purchase.
  • In long run, Google may distrupt the Ecommerce Gaints business

Consumer Behavior in Facebook

  • Consumer will decide & buy the product in facebook based on likes / Comments. Facebook Page act as customer support interface      
  • Good comment from the friends increase the probablity of buying 
  • Video Ads with buy now option is any added advantage


Google Search Query to Search Analytics? What’s in it?

Google launched "Search Analytics Beta" evolved version of "Search Queries ReportCourtesy: silverarcsearchmarketing.com

How you can slice & dize keyword report 

  • Devices (Desktop Vs Mobile Vs Tablet) Breakup – Slice the keyword engagement on different devices. This helps to understand the Desktop & mobile search trend
  • Search Type Breakup – How the People are engagement with Web, Image & Video Search for specific keywords
  • Country Breakup – How the people are engagement with specific country for specific keywords

Limitations in Search Analytics

  • Dimension Fetching – we can only fetch Max Two dimension at a time. For example: What is the breakup of Device for specific keywords? Yes, it is doable. But, if we want to know device breakup of Specific keywords in Specific country is not doable. These kind of multi-dimension stiching helps to get more granular data.
  • Time Range Limit – We can only trend data for only three months
  • You cann't integrated Search Analytics with Google anlaytics (Only Search queries data are available in Google analytics)

“Mobile Search Overtakes Desktop in 10 Countries” Says Google – Why it Happened? Advantage Corporates & start-ups

Google says that “More Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.” 

Why & How it happened?

  • Connectivity & Affordability – Better Connectivity, affordability of smartphones drives the smartphone market exponentially. More Device & connectivity means more traffic (Particularly in developing countries like India)
  • Android Penetration – Android Market Share is more than other operating systems (Like IOS, Windows) and all the Android platform, the default search engine is Google. 
  • Reachability – smartphones helps to access the internet instantly anywhere / anytime 24/7.
  • Accessibility – Wherever you go, your smartphone will follow. It is not the case for desktop 
  • Convenience – In Mobile, you don't have to boot to access internet. It is instant. It is not the case for desktop
  • Privacy – Mobile gives you privacy to search for you want
  • Huge Marketing for Apps – Huge marketing for Apps by corporates (Primarily by ecommerce Segment) by huge offers persuading the consumer to experience them

Advantage Corporates or Start-ups- Why?

  • Test the User Impulse – Corporate can easily map the User Behavior to test the user impulse by irresistible offers. Ecommerce Giants like Amazon will play with big data & serve irresistible customized offer to each individual based on their behavior.
  • Brand Dominance – Brand Dominant corporates will try to leverage the trend & disrupts the market
  • Start-up – Start-up focusing Mobile segment with great ideas will be a game changer. 

Twitter Social Signals

  • Tweets – tweet can be just a statement made by a user Shared to followers. More relevent tweets, more network
  • Retweet "RT"



    • copy someone else’s tweet as one’s own,sometimes with additional comments. Retweet shows content quality
    • Retweets are marked with either “RT” followed by ‘@user id’ or “via @user id”
    • Retweet is considered the feature that has made Twitter a new medium of information dissemination   .  
  • Mentions / Reply -People often write a tweet addressing a specific user. We call such a tweet a mention.   Both replies and mentions include ‘@’ followed by the addressed user’s Twitter id. Mention helps in brand building & customer support.
  • Singleton – If a tweet has no reply or a retweet, then we call it a singleton. This means tweet need more relevance & more network to publish
  • Favorites-  Favorites, represented by a small star icon next to a Tweet, are most commonly used when users like a Tweet. Favoriting a Tweet can let the original poster know that you liked their Tweet, or you can save the Tweet for later. This reflects content quality


What are Twitter Characteristics?

Each Social Media Platform (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) has unique Characteristics

What are Twitter Characteristics….

  • User Intent

    •     Very Rational Audience
    •     80% Rational
  • Device Characteristics – 80% of the Users are in Mobile
  • Interaction Type –   Private & Group Interaction
  • Communication

    • Simple text-based real-time source of information and communication (140 Chars)
    • Micro Blogging
    • 85% of the tweets talks about current trends / topics
  • Engagement

    • Active Users for good interaction
    • People Search Good Content / Relevant in Twitter
  • Participation –  Active Participation is essential to grow the network 
  • Communication Connect

    •     Visual driven – Visual Image gives more impact than text
    •     Community Connect – It is possible to connect with community
    •     Communication – Social Communication creates big disturbance
    •     Viral – This medium is viral in nature. Synonym of word of mouth is Twitter
  • Support – Twitter is a very good Support Medium
  • Pull Medium – Customer Support /Brand Connect
  • Push Medium – Rational Connect

Upgraded URL in Adwords

Adwords introduced upgraded URL instead of destination URL

Upgraded URL's

  • Upgraded URLs let you enter the landing page portion of your URL and your tracking information separately in AdWords.
  • Manage tracking for many entities in a single location
  • Editing shared template doesn't trigger editorial review or stats reset

Upgraded URLs Benefits: 

  • less time spent managing URL tracking updates
  • reduced crawl and load times on your website
  • new ValueTrack parameters that help you gain additional insights about your ads

If you using the Destination URLs are made up of two components:

  • Landing page URL This is the URL that customers see in their browsers when they get to your landing page after clicking on your ad.
  • Tracking This section includes information like redirects to third party tracking services, ValueTrack parameters, or custom creative IDs. 

Google Tag Manger (V2) for Google Analytics – Advantages & Pain Points

Google Tag Manager is a good tool to manage google analytics tag effectively. Google Analytics has Containers where Tags are communicated.
We can create custom Tags  based on our requirement.  That "Tag" Contains "Trigger" elements that communicates to google analytics when to trigger a tab. 


  • Helps to integrate GA tracking without Developers Support
  • Covers most of the GA Objects (Events, Virtual Pageviews, Custom Variable)
  • Able to Preview & Publish the Tag instantly

‚ÄčPain Points

  • GA User Agent – GA User Agent is passed in Tag Level. Each time you need to specify the GA User agent in the tag. 
  • Data Layer – Working with Data Layer requires some programming experience. Digital Marketers who are from Non-Programming background will take time to understand / accustom to data layer. It requires some training. 
  • No Auto Fill – There is no Auto-fill mechanism in triggers. For you have to choose specific url, you need to type-it-out (It won't Populate)

Microsoft Acquires R Software & Services

Microsoft closes acquisition of R software and services provider

Microsoft today closed its acquisition of Revolution Analytics, a commercial provider of software and services for the R programming language, making it a wholly owned subsidiary.

"R is the world's most popular programming language for statistical computing and predictive analytics, used by more than 2 million people worldwide," says Joseph Sirosh, corporate vice president of Information Management & Machine Learning at Microsoft.

Google Analytics Feature Release – Update

The following changes in Google Analytics have begun rolling out to user accounts and will be available in the coming weeks.

  • Trash Can: Provides a self-service interface for users to rescue items that were mistakenly deleted from their account structure. 
  • Geo ID Widening: Adds City and Region fields to the Measurement Protocol and adds a Geographical Data import type. This feature also exposes a new Geo dimension in the Reporting API. 

  • Custom Funnels (Premium only): Allows customers to create user level, ad-hoc “funnels” to perform task completion analysis. 

  • Improved GA/AdWords Remarketing List Activation: Improves the activation flow for new lists created in Google Analytics. 

  • “Query Word Count” dimension: Adds Query Word Count to Search Queries report. This allows advertisers to analyze incoming search queries based on the number of words used in the query.

  • Cohort Analysis Reporting: Adds a report that provides cohort analysis on user behavior, including daily, weekly, and monthly retention and revenue/purchaser behavior. This report allows website owners and app developers to examine the percentage of users that are still using an app/site over time, and how much revenue/desired behavior they are generating. 

Source – https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6180622?hl=en&ref_topic=6179391


Facebook launches analytics for App

Facebook App AnalyticsWhat you can do with facebook app analytics?

Break down trends by country, age, gender, language and platform in order to gain insights about how specific groups of people use your app.

Funnels – Discover when your customers are having a problem getting through your app. Whether a checkout flow is asking for too much information, a level is too hard to beat, or you have a bug in your latest release – funnels help you get to the bottom of the problem.

Cohorts Analysis – You can look at what percentage of people who installed your app on a given day are still opening your app one week later. You can use cohorts to better understand retention, lifetime value, and repeat purchase rate.

Facebook App Ads & Third Party add tracking – Measure the lifetime value of your Facebook Ads. If you are running app ads on other mobile ad networks, you can integrate with attribution solution to measure ad performance and lifetime value by ad network.

Remember: Facebook Won't allow Google Analytics UTM Tracking in Facebook Ads. Does Google allow Adwords / Ad Tracking in Facebook Analytics?