Firebase Predictions – Start Prediction your App User Behavior & Engage with them

Firebase Build new feature called Firebase Predications that tracks user behavior & generate User group. We can communicate these users group to engage & retain them 

Below User Groups are populated to target & engagement with them 

  • Churn Group –  churn group contains users who have been active during the last 7 days but are predicted to become inactive within the next 7 days
  • Not Churn Group – The not_churn group contains users who have been active during the last 7 days and are predicted to continue to be active over the next 7 days

Pls. Note: Note that churn is different from uninstalling your app. Users may churn long before they uninstall an app.  in fact, many users will never uninstall an app short of replacing their device

  • Spend – The spend group contains users who are predicted to make in-app purchases or ecommerce purchases
  • Not_spend – The not_spend group contains users who are predicted not to spend in the next 7 days. 

Engage with Target Users

  • Notification – we can communicate with User Groups to increase engagement & decrease churn rate. New tool to minimize the churn rate.   
  • Remote Config – It is possible to do A/B Testing ffor user Group 


How to track hybrid App Traffic (Android & IOS) segment in Google analytics

If you build hybrid app & request are called from webpages…. If we integrated google anlaytics for WEB Property, then the traffic from app is also populated in WEB Property. The challenge is how to segment the Mobile Traffic from WAP & APP. Build a custom report with OS & Browser dimension with required metrics. Then Filter the Dimension with Browser Name "Android Webview" & safari (in-app). The Traffic from these dimension are come from Mobile APP (Android & IOS). Pls. find below the sample report screenshot that shows hybrid app traffic



Only 30% of Indian Population has access to Internet

60% of the Urban population is accessed to internet but overall 30% of the Indian population has access to Internet. Nearly 65% of the population are below 35 Year old but still 30% has access to internet means How we Indians is way behind in infrastructure has compared to China. Even Africain countries like Sudan have internet Penetration of 28%, Uganda is 45%, zambia is 30% & South africa 54%. India is huge population & huge opportunity in digital space but lacks in infrastructure. 

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How to Build Conversion Funnel for Form Field Completion / Abandonment or Exit?

Image Courtesy: designshack.netThe key Metrics the Digital Marketers/ Product Managers Focus on "Conversion Rate" and find ways to make this rate better & better. To capture the lead, we use different forms – Registration  form, RFI form, Payment form, sign-up form & so on. Using Digital analytics tool (Google Analytics, Abode analytics, Omniture), it is possible to track the form level conversion. Whether the user completed the single or multiple form and from which form they exited. 

The funnel report helps to track the conversion in form level, but it is not possible to track the Abondenment at field level.

It is possible to track the form field level completion / abondenment to understand from which field info the user skip the form through events. Start triggering event during Form Field fill & find from which field they are skipping the form. This is gives us awesome insights. You can also use virtual pageviews for this.

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Firebase Analytics – Custom Event Setup

Those who are in App Development, would heard of Firebase.  Firebase is a comprehensive app development suite, that helps to build & grow app

How to Set-up Custom Events in Firebase Analytics

Image Courtesy: the help of the Event Param Object & attributes in Custom Event, we can able to track the specific engagement in App. For that, we need to define the Custom Event Name & Event Param Object String with Attributes. 

In Firebase analytics, there are two types of events

  • Automated Events – These events are populated automatically (no customized required) in Firebase analytics
  • Custom Events in Firebase 

    • Like Events in Google Analytics, it is possible to set-up custom events for specific App Engagement 
    • The report can be viewed in Firebase Analytics > Events  or extracted via BigQuery (if you subscribed to firebase blaze plan)
    • Firebase Event Setup

      • Firebase Custom Event Name Syntax
      • Bundle bundle = new Bundle();
        bundle.putString(FirebaseAnalytics.Param.ITEM_ID, id);
        bundle.putString(FirebaseAnalytics.Param.ITEM_NAME, name);
        bundle.putString(FirebaseAnalytics.Param.CONTENT_TYPE, "image");
        mFirebaseAnalytics.logEvent(FirebaseAnalytics.Event.SELECT_CONTENT, bundle);
      • Source:

      • Syntax: firebaseanalytics.<Event Name>,bundle)
        Example: firebaseanalytics.Event.Notification_Sent,bundle)

      • Custom Event Param Syntax

        Syntax: firebaseanalytics.Param.<Param Object StringName>,<NotificationName>_Sent

        Example: firebaseanalytics.Param.MEDIUM,WelcomeNot_Sent

The Event Param has various String Object like Medium, Content_Type, etc.Event Param String Objects details Link for your kind reference – Link.  Another advantage of Firebase Event is there is no limit on total volume on event log

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Products that Triggers the Prospects Impulse will Succeed

The brand that builds products that triggers consumer impulse will penetrate the market easily & faster. If the consumer feels if the product fulfils his perceived interest, the prospects will surely convert to consumers. The question is how to make the prospects more impulsive towards your product & services. The business needs to identify the "sweet spots" of the product that make the prospects more impulse and irresistible towards the product.  

Approach to make the Prospects Impulsive with some Use Case 

  • Create a New product Segment – Create a new product segment that delivers value to customers. Example Reliance Jio (ISP / Mobile Service Provider) USP – First to built new Infrastructure (4G LTE) with  Free trial period & competitive price point that triggers to impulse of the prospects to buy 
  • Build Unique Products that Caters to Specific Culture – Building products that aligns with the culture. Example: Gold Ornaments – People in South Indian are crazy about Gold Ornaments. Gold is one of the essential thing during their cultural functions & to show off their status. Brand like GRT Jewellers, Nathella, Kalyan Jewellers captalize on this by carving unique gold ornaments that triggers to impulse of the prospects & increase the Brand Equity & value
  • Build Trust & Provides Convienence – The Product that address the huge prospects pain points, provide solution & build trust will trigger the prospects impulse. Example: Brand like Amazon, Flipkart, address the consumer pain points, provide solution & build trust through their customer service
  • Products that Set Trends – Consumer love the products that set trends . Example: Google. Google is a 20 year old statistical company (Not only a search engine company) that build innovative products that set trends in the digital space

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Digital Marketing Campaign Tracking in PWA (Progressive Web Apps)

Image Courtesy: malloc.fiIf your PWA Framework does not support Campaign UTM Tracking, then it better to customzing UTM tracking & capture the data in analytics tool. If you are already using UTM Tracking, We can customzing the Normal URL (html,asp,php) & put the customize URL in the analytics tool like GA. After Pushing the  Customized URL we need to create specific campaign bucket using custom channel with Rules. Based on the Rules, the populated custom URL is grouped in the specific buckets. 

Pls. Note: In PWA, the URL are not renderred in the Browser Address Bar, Some PWA Framework support customized URL other won't. In this case, we need to create synthatic URLs & push the URL like page in analytical tool. 

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Artificial Intelligence will disrupt the World in Few Years

Artifical Intelligence started disrupting the world. Most of the big companies invest heavily on artifical intelligence to make their product & services smarter (Few Example:Google, Amazon). What So Special about Artificial Intelligence??? In Artifical Intelligence, there is one branch called "DeepLearning" that deals with Neural Networks Which imbbibe the software / Robots to learn by itself like humans.

Neural Networks is the Science of Mapping Human Brain Signals & Behavior and try to Imitate/Imbibe the Human Behavior in Software & Robotics to learn by itself. The Task as we are doing now, will be absolute in near future. AI will be flooded across domains. 

One side AI is Awesome, otherside it is scary…. AI will take care of 70 to 80% of task what we human beings are doing now. 

In my childhood, I watched a science fiction Movie Call "Predicator" an Extrateristial confront with Human.Extrateristial living thing think & act smarter than human. I think, AI will do that same.We Humans Be Prepared, otherwise we become obsolete to AI 

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Progressive Web Apps PWA Vs Apps

In Future, Most of the Business Digital Platform will migrate to PWA… Why? Becuase of the below advantage & convience. Business will not build Mobile Apps unless & until it is utmost essential for their business. Progessive Web Apps delivers true value to SME's. The PWA has a edge over Apps on

  • User Exprerience
  • User Control
  • Offline Access
  • Speed
  • Adaptability 
Particulars Progressive Web Apps Apps
Downloading the APP from
Play Store or App Store
Not Required Required
App Experience 100% 100%
App Installation Not Required Required
Offline Browsing Possible Not Possible
Platform Desktop, Mobile Mobile
Page / Screen Rendering Speed Lighting Fast even 2G Connection
Doable using AMP
Not as fast rendering like AMP
Search Engine Friendly Yes Yes
Modify Publish Modiify& Publish anytime Modify, Publish anyday & anytime is not possble. Nee Verification & approval from Appstore 
Push Notification Doable Doable
Updates  Not required required
Rendered in Web Browsers Yes No

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How to Tracking PWA using Google Analytics? PWA is a Single Page Application (SPA)

PWA TrackingProgressive Web Apps (PWA) is a new technology that gives App experience to the mobile users that who browse
website. The Browser no need to downloading or installing the App. Moreover, the Browser can browse the site
offline (awesome…) 

How to make the PWA Trackable

PWA is Single Page Application (SPA), This means no unique URL is called while navigating in PWA. 
This is major challange to track the PWA Engagement. 

  • Define Synthetic URL – Start building synthetic URL for each engagement then push to google analytics 
  • Define Call to Action – Define the call to action that needs to be tracking Via Events (Ex. Form Registration,
  • Subscription, etc) 
  • Define Custom Dimensions – Define the Segment in the website that needs to be tracked (Ex. Visitor, Member)
  • Define channel – Define custom channels that needs to be tracked 

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