Bid Adjustment Report in Google Analytics : Advantage & Pain Points

Few days back, Google introduced Bid Adjustment report in Google Analytics in Traffic Source Section 
(Traffic Source > Campaign > Adwords > Bid Management)

Using this report, we can see the Adwords Campaign report based on 

  • Device Wise Bid Adjustment
  • Location Wise Bid Adustment
  • Ad Schedule Wise Bid Adjustment

The Metrics, that are shown are Clicks, Cost, CPC, Visits, Bounce Rate, Pages/Visits, Goal Conversion Rate, 









What we are infer from this report?

  • Device wise bid adjustment performance insight
  • Location wise bid adjustment performance insight
  • Ad schedule wise bid adjustment insight

Pain Points in Bid Adjustment Report

  • It is not poosible to check the bid adjusted date
  • This report only gives holistic insight. Custom reports is required for detailed insight
  • Without landing page dimension, it is very difficult to understand engagement behavior through bounce rate metrics