Google Analytics Advanced Segmentation – Short term alternative to Content Grouping

Scenario: Understand the Traffic contribution by each section of the website

Approach: You can study the traffic contribution by each section using Content Grouping or Advanced Segmentation

Content Grouping Advantage

  • Drilldown –  It is feasible to drilldown content grouping Segement with more details. For example. Like, list of webpages visited in the respective sections & other technology details
  • Visitor Flow – It is easy to Map Visitor Flow using content grouping
  • N number of segments – You can build N Number of section segments

Content Grouping Painpoints

  • It is not possible to apply content grouping for past data. The datas are grouped for future data after integration
  • The Content are grouped only through  (Single dimensions) Webpage URL or Title. There is no much scalability in content grouping

Advanced Segmention

Advantage – 

  • Past data Segmentation – It is possible to segment the section for past data
  • Data Segmentation Scalability – It is possible to segment data from multiple dimensions 

Dis-advantage – 

  • Holistic Approach  – It is not possible to drilldown the section (Like webpage details)
  • Multiple Segment – You can build upto the max of four segments. 

Google Analytics New Advanced Segmentation UI & Features

What's New

New Advanced Segmentation features in GA is more powerful than Custom report. 

  • Multi Dimension Segemetation

This is awesome feature. Slice & dice various dimension & criteria to build the required segment 

  • Track the Ecommerce (revenue by User, Session & Hits)

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  • New Default Segments

Converters, Single Visit Users, Multi Visits Users