Artificial Intelligence will disrupt the World in Few Years

Artifical Intelligence started disrupting the world. Most of the big companies invest heavily on artifical intelligence to make their product & services smarter (Few Example:Google, Amazon). What So Special about Artificial Intelligence??? In Artifical Intelligence, there is one branch called "DeepLearning" that deals with Neural Networks Which imbbibe the software / Robots to learn by itself like humans.

Neural Networks is the Science of Mapping Human Brain Signals & Behavior and try to Imitate/Imbibe the Human Behavior in Software & Robotics to learn by itself. The Task as we are doing now, will be absolute in near future. AI will be flooded across domains. 

One side AI is Awesome, otherside it is scary…. AI will take care of 70 to 80% of task what we human beings are doing now. 

In my childhood, I watched a science fiction Movie Call "Predicator" an Extrateristial confront with Human.Extrateristial living thing think & act smarter than human. I think, AI will do that same.We Humans Be Prepared, otherwise we become obsolete to AI 

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