Analytics Indian Company Study 2012

I come across Analytics India Company study by AnalyticsIndiamag. Awesome Analytical Company study by Mr. Bhasker Gupta

Indian City wise Analytical Company
City Wise % of all AnalyticsCompanies
Bangalore 29%
Delhi 14%
Mumbai 16%
Hyderabad 8%
Pune 8%
Gurgaon 6%
Chennai 6%
Noida 5%
Kolkata 3%
Others 6%

  • Demography Company Contribution(%) – 30% of all analytics providers are based out of Bangalore, followed by Mumbai (16%) and Delhi (14%).
  • Analytical Vertical (%) – 50% of all analytics providers falls into the industry of IT/ ITES providers, followed by Consulting, Market Research and Media/ Advertising (~10% each).
  • Workforce (%) –  71% analytics providers have less than 50 employee strength, of which 27% has less than 10 employees.


60% of facebook users access facebook through mobile

Facebook hits 1 Billion users. Out of 1 Billion users 60% of the user’s access facebook through mobile. Moreover, Next to America, Asia is the largest users for facebook. What does it mean to us?

  • Mobile Responsiveness – It is very essential to analyze the effectiveness of facebook ads on mobile
  • Easy Engagement & Brand Recall – Connecting with huge audience in developing Asian Countries at affordable price
  • Local Targeting – Mobile Users means local targeting is very effective
  • Facebook is good for B2C Model
  • Emotional communication is more effective than rational

Digital Marketing / Advertising Ad Spend Per Internet User – Forecast

¬†Insight –¬†As per eMarketer report, Australia, UK & US is the top three countries, where advertisers has to spend more money for customer acquisition. Even though, the forecast shows that the advertisers in these regions are desirous to allocate more budget for digital advertising in coming years. The reason is simple; the digital medium is measurable, feasible to optimize for better ROI.