Digital Marketers Chennai Meet-ups Few Questions & Answers (Q & A)

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Digital Marketers Chennai Meet-ups Few Questions & Answers that i noted. 

  1. Mobile Optimization: Do we need .mobi sites for mobile optimization?
    Ans. by Digital Marketers Group Chennai: .Mobi Domain is not required. Responsive site is enough to target mobile
  2. SERP Ranking: What are the few main reasons for sudden drop in ranking?
    Ans. by Digital Marketers Group Chennai:  Website Visitor Bounce Rate, Irrelevant link to the site, Physical reporting to Google
  3. Web Analytics: What are the other best alternatives to Google Analytics (Free Tool)?
    Ans. by Digital Marketers Group Chennai: AWstats, Net Tracker
  4. Optimization Future Trend: What is the Future of Optimization?
    Ans. by Digital Marketers Group Chennai: Mob. Apps Optimization. But it is a different ball game
  5. Competitor Analysis: Competitor Analysis in SEO?
    Ans. by Digital Marketers Group Chennai: Analyze other top ranking sites for relevant keywords & also consider Informative sites 
  6. PPC / Paid Search: Which Paid Search is good…. Adwords & Bing?
    Ans. by Digital Marketers Group Chennai: It depends on the product & service you deliver. Based on the experience shared, Overall Adwords is good. Bing deliver good results in US
  7. Video Optimization: What factors are looked in Youtube Video Ranking?
    Ans. by Digital Marketers Group Chennai: Apart from Click, Avg time spent on the video is considered
  8. Targeting: How to leverage on Social Media through Paid Campaign?
    Ans. by Digital Marketers Group Chennai: Through Retargeting
  9. Domain Authority: Does Google give authority to .us domain?
    Ans. by Digital Marketers Group Chennai: It is better to go for .com than .us. In general sense, .com is treated as Global Domain (Bit more prominence for US)
  10. About HTML 5?
    Ans. by Digital Marketers Group Chennai: HTML 5 gives more flexibility for Optimization
  11. SERP Ranking for EMD:  What about EMD Ranking?
    Ans. by Digital Marketers Group Chennai: Website authority ranking depends on the authority of the EMD site
  12. Inbound Link: How to disallow Irrelevant backlinks?
    Ans. by Digital Marketers Group Chennai: Using the  Disavow link tool

Photo Courtesy: Digital Marketers Group Chennai

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Twitter User Statistics : Who use Twitter and how? Insight

Analytics Firm Beevolve found that most Twitter users are young iPhone users from English speaking countries.

What Study Reveals
  • Gender – Women tweets more than men
  • What they Tweet – gals tweet about family and fashion while guys tweet about tech and sports;
  • 25% of the twitter users never tweet. Because, just want to be in the network for namesake. Moreover, they don't know how to connect with people.
  • Twitter Followers – 81% of users have fewer than 50 followers 
Ramki's Insight: 
Twitter is the best & secure text based social medium of convenience to share Information to the network & world instantly. That is the reason Women are using more than men. 

How STP (Segmentation, Targetting, Positioning) is applied to Digital Marketing Channels?

We use different marketing channels to reach & communicate with the audience. Segmentation, Targetting & Position is the key marketing approach to bridge audience & service. Lets define What is Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning?

  • Segmentation – Segmentation is the process of classifying customers into groups which share same characteristics
  • Targeting – Targeting involves the process of evaluating each segment attractiveness and selecting one or more segment to enter
  • Positioning is arranging for a product to occupy a clear, distinctive and desirable place relative to competing products in the mind of consumer
Particulars Segmentation Targetting Positioning
Search What/ How people Search
Search Relevance
Relevant Info
Social Media Taste, Preference, Interest,
Existing Customer,
Taste, Interest
Info / News
Mailer Email Database Taste, Needs & 
Informative /

Google Tag Manager – Centralized Tag / Snippet Management Tool

Today, Google Come-up with Google Tag manager software.

The Main advantage of this tool is 

  • Manage Google Analytics tracking code, Custom HTML Tag, Custom Image Tag, Double Click Floodlight Counter & Sales, Adwords Conversion tracking, Adwords remarketing tag from single container (from centralized location)
  • Modifying & publishing tracking code /  snippets made easy. Save lot of code integration time
  • Manage Multiple domain snippets from centralized location. 
Pls. find below the Google Tag Manger – Short & Neat Video Tutorial from Google

Personalization + Localization + Socialization = Mobile Marketing

In most of the developing countries, Mobile peneration is much more than the PC. It is very easy to target huge chunk of local target audience through mobile.

Advantage of Mobile Marketing
  • Personalization – Personalized message creates more engagement
  • Localization – Easy to target local TG audience to create awareness
  • Accessibility – The device is accessible 24/7. This means more click throughs
  • Good digital medium for B2C & FMCG
  • ocialization – Syncing Mobile Marketing with Social Medium Marketing will create huge impact
Dis-Advtange of Mobile Marketing
  • No Regularty Board – There is no proper regulatory authority for mobile advertising
  • Different Display devices – It is very difficult to optimize ads for different display devices
  • Segmentation – It is very difficult to do segmentation in Mobile Database List
Mobile Advertising is very niche. Definitately Mobile Marketing budget will going to increase exponentially in coming years. 

Google Entrepreneurs – Service for SMB’s

Google is alltime emerging company because they always come-up with new product & services in short interval. Now, Google like to do real business with start-ups and SMBs. Google Entepreneurs has resource center that showcases Google products for start-ups. 

Through Google Enterpreneuers, they conduct lot of events to connect with startups. If Google supports & fund enterprising college students in developing countries like India, then it will be a Win-Win Situation. Most of the Google products are free. But, only few products has customer support in Place (Like Adwords, Google Analytics [Very Expensive]).   
Google wants to grab good % of  SMB's market share. 

Web Analytics is all about numbers?

If we talk about web analytics, we immediately think of numbers & eye candy graph. Yes, Web analytics is all about metrics, numbers. If that is so, Web analytics won't be billion dollar industry. Web Analytics should map the "Objective" with " Metrics". Most people go by metrics without defining clear objectives to build actionable Report

Basic Steps to come-up with actionable Insight
1. Define Objective
2. Define Key metrics to measure that objective
3. Benchmark the key metrics
4. Analyze the data and map with objective
5. Build actionable insight

New Meta Keyword Tag “news_keywords” for news publishers to keep them happy?

Now, publishers can use this tag <Meta Name="news_keywords" content="keyword1, 2,3">to woo traffic from search engine. Even though Google Won't explictly support SEO methods, why they come-up with News keyword tag?

No business lunch is free my friend.  Let we explore the reason, why Google come-up with this
  1. To increase its revenue through Adwords display network – Google wants to keep the news publisher happy because they drive their revenue throulgh them. News publisher produce lot of fresh content. Most of the News Publishers are part of adsense network. News Publishers customers are google customers. For Google content matters…
  2. Videos – Most of the news publishers started uploading news vidoes & even telecast the news live through web. This Tag help to convey the video content better
  3. To Promote Site Search Product – Many News Publishers uses "Site Seach Product". This keyword tag may help the product to throw better result
  4. To Promote the Brand "Google News" 
If Google come-up with demographic Meta tag syntax, that will be of more help to "News Publishers" & "Google"

How a digital medium helps in B2B marketing?

The key aspect of B2B marketing is personal relationship.B2B decision Making Unit (Buying Center) is very complex as compared to B2C. The B2C marketing strategy won't work for B2B marketing.

In what way the digital medium will support B2B marketing?

Digital Medium Digital Medium Description
Lead Generation  Search  Identifying the target prospects through search medium is easy 
Brand Awareness  PR,  Banner Advertising,Digital Radio  Brand awareness plays a vital role in B2B Marketing. Using digital medium, it is easy to create brand awareness. Because digital medium has no boundaries 
Credibility  Website, Social Media  Product & Brand credibility & reputation can be communicated in website (Logo, Badge, Testimonial, Social Media) 
Customer Support  CRM, Chat, Email, Forum, Resource Center  B2B customers have long term relationship and the quantum of buyers in B2B is small.  It is very essential to keep the existing customer happy 
Customization  Messaging for each segment  Customized Message for different segment of prospects is easy & quick in digital medium 
Customer Feedback  Survey, Poll  It is very easy to collect customer feedback through digital 
Training  Webinar, Webcast, Social Media (Youtube)  Product & Partner training though virtual medium is easy & cost effective 


Why Twitter is the best Social Media Platform?

Twitter objective is very simple and straight forward. Connecting people without affecting their privacy (No Complication & Confusion).

Let we explore which Twitter is the best Social Media Platform

  • Best of Both World – Twitter Platform is good for B2B & B2C
  • Privacy – Won’t create privacy issues
  • No Distraction – Connecting people with content without confusion
  • Content is Short & Straight Forward – Netizens does not have the patience to browse through huge content. They will grasp the key elements of the content.
  • Mobile¬†Compatibility¬†– Twitter content is like Short Messaging Service (SMS). Twitter is the best fit for mobile users. Mobile is the emerging market in developing countries

I personally feel, Google should / may acquire twitter and sync with the Adwords (Paid Search). Oh! Am i leaked the Google future acquisition open secret :)