Google Ads – Google Optimization Score – SEM Optimization Dashboard – Driven by AI & Machine Learning

Few weeks back Google Launched Google Optimization Score Feature in Google Ads. You will find the Feature in Recommendation Tab in Google Ads. Using AI & Machhine Learning, Google will scan your Google Ads campaign & provide optimization Recommendations like

  • Budget Recommendationss
  • Bidding Recommendations
  • Snippet Recommendations
  • Extension Recommendations
  • Adgroup Recommendations
  • Redenant keywords
  • Existiing Campaign Optimization Suggestion 

How much is your Google Optimization Score? Beware if your Score is 100%, you are spending more… Google Loves to make you spend more… Makesure to align the Optimization Score with your digital marketing campaign objective  

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Responsive Search Ads (Beta) Format in Google Ads – Lets Play with Ads Variant

Google Ads (Formely Known as Google Adwords) introduced Responsive Search Ads format (Beta) that serve Relevant Ads (from your multiple Ads Variant) that suits the ad format. You can build 5 headlines & 4 Desciptions 

Benefits – Create more ad headlines & description & increase your CTR

How responsive search ads differ from expanded text ads – What Google Says
Responsive search ads are different than expanded text ads in two ways:

  • More space. Responsive search ads can show up to three headlines instead of two, and up to two 90-character description fields (instead of one 80-character description field)
  • More flexibility. You can provide up to 15 headlines and 4 descriptions for a single responsive search ad, and Google Ads will automatically show different combinations depending on the search query. 

All other fields are the same for responsive search ads as they are for expanded text ads.

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