Google Analytics for App Promo in Firebase – But Google Analytics for App will be Decommission on 31st Oct 2019…

In Firebase, I am getting Google analytics for App Promo. But Google is going to Decommission "Google Analytics SDK for APP" from 31st Oct'19. Then Why Google is showing "Google Analytics for APP" Begin Upgrade Promo in Firebase?  Pls. find below the screenshot 

Have you activated Demographics & Interest Report in Google Analytics?

This Month, Google launched Demographics & Interst report.  The advantage of this report is, we can get gender wise, age wise data points and also to understand visitor affinity & interest

How to activiate Demographics & Interest Report

By adhering below simple steps

  • Modify your tracking code to support display advertising
  • Update your privacy policy to adhere to our Policy requirements for Display Advertising.
  • Enable Demographics reports in the Analytics interface.

For more details Check this link:


No More Organic Keywords in Web Analytics Tool – Google Applies SSL (https) for all Searches

Now, Web Analytics tool unable to fetch organic keywords that drives traffic to the site. So, it is not possible to track which keyword drives traffic to the website / webpage. 

Digital is becoming mature day by day. From Now onwards, SEO professionals should think beyond keywords to drive traffic to the site. It is more of creating value than tactics. Instead of asking which keyword drives traffic, people will start asking which content communicates value.

Bid Adjustment Report in Google Analytics : Advantage & Pain Points

Few days back, Google introduced Bid Adjustment report in Google Analytics in Traffic Source Section 
(Traffic Source > Campaign > Adwords > Bid Management)

Using this report, we can see the Adwords Campaign report based on 

  • Device Wise Bid Adjustment
  • Location Wise Bid Adustment
  • Ad Schedule Wise Bid Adjustment

The Metrics, that are shown are Clicks, Cost, CPC, Visits, Bounce Rate, Pages/Visits, Goal Conversion Rate, 









What we are infer from this report?

  • Device wise bid adjustment performance insight
  • Location wise bid adjustment performance insight
  • Ad schedule wise bid adjustment insight

Pain Points in Bid Adjustment Report

  • It is not poosible to check the bid adjusted date
  • This report only gives holistic insight. Custom reports is required for detailed insight
  • Without landing page dimension, it is very difficult to understand engagement behavior through bounce rate metrics

Digital Consumer Behavior to Integrated Consumer Behavior

Now, digital analytics help users to track offline engagement. Using Google Universal Analytics it is possible to track cross device & offline consumer engagement behavior. Understanding Intergrated consumer behavior helps to connect consumer offline & online Integrated Consumer Behaiorbehavior. Yes, we have to tool to track, but how to leverage from this is essential. The objective of tracking engagement differs from business to business. Without understanding what to track, we would infer anything.

  • Step 1: Understand the Business Requirement. What kind of consumer behavior business what to infer?
  • Step 2: What customized additional dimensions / metrics required in Google analytics
  • Step 3: Integrate the required dimensions using measurement protocol
  • Step 4: Analyze the data and try to infer

Analytics is maturing day by day. 10 years back, we are fascinated about data. 5 years back, we are fascinated about actionable reports. Now, syncing offline & online consumer behavior. 

Yes, Analytics is much more sophisticated. But, if we don't have clarity on what we try to achieve with analytics, it is like catching lions tail. 

Why there is a difference in Exit Rate in All Pages & Exit Pages report in Google Analytics

Exit Rate in All pages & Exit rate report difference is huge. Let we explore the reason for the this. Exit Rate in Google Analytics

How Google Analytics calculate Exit rate for all pages report

Google consider single page session to determine exit rate in "All Pages Report"

If a visitor come to Page x & Page y then exit then

The exit rate for Page x is 0% 
The exit rate for Page y is 100%

Google Consider last session to determine exit rate in "Exit Pages report". So, the exit page report consider/count  list of pages navigated by visitor before exit in the exit page report. That is the reason Exit rate% is less in Exit page report. 

If a visitor come to Page x & Page y then exit then

The exit rate for Page x is 0% 
The exit rate for Page y is 50%

That is the reason Exit Rate % is very less in Exit rate report. 

Exit Page report is useful to understand which page Max. No. of visitor leaving the website

How to Segment Visitor & Registrated Member Traffic in Google Analytics?

If you are running a site, it can be accessed by a new visitor or registered member. It is very essential to segment visitor & registered member traffic to infer New visitor traffic. Member & Visitor BehaviorUse custom variable to segment the traffic for better insight. Surely this will give us more clarity on new visitor.

Google Analytics Key reports for Adwords (Time Lag for Remarketing & Conversion Channel)

Time Lag report (Infer: Remarketing Time window)

Time lag report (Conversions > Multi-Channel) helps to align the remarketing duration of the visitor. Based on this report, it is very easy to infer the Remarketing / Conversion conversion period of the visitor and to adjust the remarketing campaign duration accordingly

Top Conversion Channel (Infer: Impact of Paid Campaign Campaing in other channels)

Top Conversion Channels (Conversions > Multi-Channel) helps to determine how the Google Adwords visitors are converting using other channels. This help to understand the impact of paid campaign in other channels & wise-versa.

Google Analytics Goal : While Defining Goal Funnel from Home Page (Beware)

While defining Goal from Home Page in Google Analytics, it is very essential to ensure to clearly define the Home Page path file name in the funnel. Because the  home page funnel may be /, index. or any other option.  So, it is very essential to fetch the right file name while setting the Goal funnel. Otherwise, the funnel visualization inference will go wrong. Voice of experience :)

Even we set the Home page file name like index.html in GA, while setting the Goal funnel, the GA will take the .index.html in the sub directory. Beware of this bug. 

Solution: Use Virtual Pageviews for Home Page


Google Analytics Search Traffic Report Accuracy Case Study

I analyzed the GA Organic Seach Traffic Report accuracy while Manual Tagging & Auto Tagging are used to contact adwords account during a particular data range. This is the inference

Inference (Auto Tagging Option)
Out of 2300 visits 42 visits comes from campaign URL with parameter. that means 1.82% of traffic is paid search traffic in organic Report. 


Manual Tagging Inference:
Out of 2956 visits, 135 visits comes from campaign URL with parameter. That means 4.56% is paid search traffic in organic Report 


Analysis Insight
  • If we use manual tagging option to link adwords account with GA, organic traffic report is 95% accurate
  • If we use auto tagging option to link adwords account with GA, organic traffic report is 98% accurate