Google Tag Manger (V2) for Google Analytics – Advantages & Pain Points

Google Tag Manager is a good tool to manage google analytics tag effectively. Google Analytics has Containers where Tags are communicated.
We can create custom Tags  based on our requirement.  That "Tag" Contains "Trigger" elements that communicates to google analytics when to trigger a tab. 


  • Helps to integrate GA tracking without Developers Support
  • Covers most of the GA Objects (Events, Virtual Pageviews, Custom Variable)
  • Able to Preview & Publish the Tag instantly

‚ÄčPain Points

  • GA User Agent – GA User Agent is passed in Tag Level. Each time you need to specify the GA User agent in the tag. 
  • Data Layer – Working with Data Layer requires some programming experience. Digital Marketers who are from Non-Programming background will take time to understand / accustom to data layer. It requires some training. 
  • No Auto Fill – There is no Auto-fill mechanism in triggers. For you have to choose specific url, you need to type-it-out (It won't Populate)