For B2C MARCOMMS – Understanding Gender Likes & Preference is must

While marketing a product or service to the consumer, the response varies based on the Gender. For example, if we are selling a Pen, the communication should persuade both the target audience (Male & Female). If we do a MARCOMMS for a Pen – Then the communication should be like this

  • Male Target Audience – Brand A pen is "Strong, Sleak & lostlong" messaging
  • Female Target Audience – "Colorful, Soft & handy" messaging  

In Digital Media, it is easy to test various gender specific communication / template and study the engagement & impact.

Marketing Communications: Below the Line (BTL) should Connect with Above the Line (ATL) for better ROI

In Marketing Communications (Marcomms), Below the Line activity should link with ATL activity. This will help to measure the BTL Communication responses.

Below are the ways to connect BTL with ATL

  • Coupons – Giving Free Coupon Ad Via Newspapers & magazines and redeem it through website (B2C Market)
  • Contest – Conducting Online Contest by reaching through BTL medium (Good for B2C & B2B Market)
  • Free Samples – Giving Free Samples through online registration by reaching though BTL Medium (B2C)

BTL should connect with ATL medium because, it is easy to measure the engagement of BTL medium through ATL response.

This will help both the B2B & B2C Category to measure its offline activity through online responses.