Personalization + Localization + Socialization = Mobile Marketing

In most of the developing countries, Mobile peneration is much more than the PC. It is very easy to target huge chunk of local target audience through mobile.

Advantage of Mobile Marketing
  • Personalization – Personalized message creates more engagement
  • Localization – Easy to target local TG audience to create awareness
  • Accessibility – The device is accessible 24/7. This means more click throughs
  • Good digital medium for B2C & FMCG
  • ocialization – Syncing Mobile Marketing with Social Medium Marketing will create huge impact
Dis-Advtange of Mobile Marketing
  • No Regularty Board – There is no proper regulatory authority for mobile advertising
  • Different Display devices – It is very difficult to optimize ads for different display devices
  • Segmentation – It is very difficult to do segmentation in Mobile Database List
Mobile Advertising is very niche. Definitately Mobile Marketing budget will going to increase exponentially in coming years.