“Mobile Search Overtakes Desktop in 10 Countries” Says Google – Why it Happened? Advantage Corporates & start-ups

Google says that “More Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.” 

Why & How it happened?

  • Connectivity & Affordability – Better Connectivity, affordability of smartphones drives the smartphone market exponentially. More Device & connectivity means more traffic (Particularly in developing countries like India)
  • Android Penetration – Android Market Share is more than other operating systems (Like IOS, Windows) and all the Android platform, the default search engine is Google. 
  • Reachability – smartphones helps to access the internet instantly anywhere / anytime 24/7.
  • Accessibility – Wherever you go, your smartphone will follow. It is not the case for desktop 
  • Convenience – In Mobile, you don't have to boot to access internet. It is instant. It is not the case for desktop
  • Privacy – Mobile gives you privacy to search for you want
  • Huge Marketing for Apps – Huge marketing for Apps by corporates (Primarily by ecommerce Segment) by huge offers persuading the consumer to experience them

Advantage Corporates or Start-ups- Why?

  • Test the User Impulse – Corporate can easily map the User Behavior to test the user impulse by irresistible offers. Ecommerce Giants like Amazon will play with big data & serve irresistible customized offer to each individual based on their behavior.
  • Brand Dominance – Brand Dominant corporates will try to leverage the trend & disrupts the market
  • Start-up – Start-up focusing Mobile segment with great ideas will be a game changer.