How to Tracking PWA using Google Analytics? PWA is a Single Page Application (SPA)

PWA TrackingProgressive Web Apps (PWA) is a new technology that gives App experience to the mobile users that who browse
website. The Browser no need to downloading or installing the App. Moreover, the Browser can browse the site
offline (awesome…) 

How to make the PWA Trackable

PWA is Single Page Application (SPA), This means no unique URL is called while navigating in PWA. 
This is major challange to track the PWA Engagement. 

  • Define Synthetic URL – Start building synthetic URL for each engagement then push to google analytics 
  • Define Call to Action – Define the call to action that needs to be tracking Via Events (Ex. Form Registration,
  • Subscription, etc) 
  • Define Custom Dimensions – Define the Segment in the website that needs to be tracked (Ex. Visitor, Member)
  • Define channel – Define custom channels that needs to be tracked 

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