Choose the right technology to drive Digital Platform

If we want good digital presence, you should choose right technology to run the digital platform. Determine your user device behavior, then build the right digital platform.


  • If the target audience use more of desktop go for asp, php, jsp
  • If the target audience use more of Desktop / mobile go for responsive design environment. Use asp, Php with responsive design & progessive web apps
  • If the target audience use is more of mobile then build "Hydrid app" or "Native APP" or "Instant App". It is better to go for native app that gives better control than "Hybrid App"

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Syncing WEB / WAP & APP Ecosystem Through Progressive Web Apps

Businesses build seperate set-up to handle WEB, WAP & APP platform. But with the help of the Progressive Web Apps, it is easy to manage the multi device request (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet) through centrialized concept called progresstive Web Apps. Moreover, Google recommends Progressive Web Apps

Advantage of Progressive Web Apps

  • Centralized Coding for Multiple Device – No need to tweak coding for multiple device (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet) Image Courtesy:
  • Responsive Design – Customized User experience through responsive design for multiple device
  • Page Load Time – Progressive WEb apps loads the page instantly. Gives Better browsing experience
  • HTTPS Secure – Secured connect to WEB & APPS
  • Web Notification – Web push notifications makes it easy to re-engage with users by showing relevant, timely, and contextual notifications to the user, even when the browser is closed! 
  • Search Engine Friendly (SEO Optimized) – Progressive Web Apps are search engine friendly. We don't have to do SEO for WEB, wAP & APP ecosystem sepertely

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Responsive Design is the Key Ingredient for Digital Marketing in 2014

Responseive Design is the Key Ingredient for Digital marketing in 2014Happy New Year Everybody…. Wish you all Happiness & Success forever……

Most of the Netizen in 2014 uses Multi devices (Multi Screen) to engage. So, the website / Webpage needs to fit in Multi Screen for better engagement. Responsie design is very important for good engagement in online.