Factors determines the success of shopping campaign

What is Shopping Campaign Ads?
Shopping Campaign Ads is primary for ecommerce Platform to promote their product in Search Network. 

Which Search platform provide this service?
Google Adwords through Google Merchant Center & Bing Ads provide this service.

Difference between Search Ads & Shopping Campaign

  • Search Ads served based on Keyword & Shopping Campaign served based on the product group
  • Search requires Adgroup & Shopping campaign requires product feed

Benefits of Shopping Ads 

  • Pull Marketing – Product is featured in pull marketing channels (i.e: Google / Bing Search Results)
  • High Visbility

    • Product Image – Product are listed with the product image in the prominent position in search results
    • Product Description – Short product description has been served
    • Ecommerce Brand – Ecommerce Brand has been featured
    • Pricing – Product pricing is shown in the search result
  • Product & Brand – Ability to target based on product & brand
  • More Click Through – Product Ads delivers more Click through than Search Ads, because product are represented with image

Dis-advantage of Shopping Campaign Ads

  • Conversion Point (Buy) – Most of the Shopping Ad conversion is buy. But, we don't know which part of buying life cycle the prospect is belongs to (Research / Info / Buy)
  • Multiple product listing – Similar product are featured from different ecommerce platform. That result in More Click Through very Less Conversion
  • Product Declind & Feed Management – More chances of product feed decline. Managing & updated feeds is cumbersome

Shopping Campaign Ads Consumers User Behavior

  • Research Mode – Most of the Prospects are in the research mode to study the product. This will inflate the Ctr & result in very few or no conversion
  • Ecommerce Brand – People are very comfortable with specific ecommerce platform to buy the product because of the feel good factor / perceived value they received during the previous experience. They do research in other ecommerce platform  that won't convert to Sale
  • Pricing – If the prospects freezed the specific brand / product to buy, then it is the pricing & branded ecommerce platform is the key determinant in product purchase

What factors determine the Success of Shopping Campaign 

  • Pricing – Discounted Pricing @ branded ecommerce platform
  • Platform – Ecommerce brand credibilty & past experience, places a key role in decision making 
  • Competition –  Less or no competitor in the shopping campaign Ads in your product category
  • Landing Page – Product Landing Page plays a key role in persuvading the prospects to convert into customers. More importantly, the communication in Ads (primarily pricing) should sync with the landing page
  • Shopping campaign Conversion Probability = Product Brand Value + Ecommerce Brand Value + Discounted Pricing


Shopping Campaign for Big Ecommerce Gaints –  Shopping Campaign Ads are really a boon for well established ecommerce platform. Because, they don't have to persuade the people to buy. The People know that ecommerce brand that delivers value

Small & Middle level Ecommerce Players – If they are operating in very niche area then the shopping campaign works for them