Business Objective for Content Marketing in Social Media

For B2C, Social Media Channels are used to create brand awareness, customer acquistion, customer retention,
Engagement, web Traffic, lead generation

For B2B, Social Media Chanels are used fto create brand awareness, lead generation, customer acquiestion, Thought leadership, Engagement, Customer Retention / Loyalty, Website traffic, 

For both B2B & B2C market segment, Social media helps to create brand awareness

Social Media Channel Image Dimension Blue Print – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instragram, Youtube to increase brand Awareness

Social Media Campaign helps to increase brand awareness. Check how to leverage on top social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instragram, Youtube. 


Facebook Analytics | Insights | How to Infer : Best Practices

Facebook Analytics, Insights, How to Infer

While analyzing the Facebook traffic, apart from facebook page analytics, it is better to pull data from Web metrics tool like Google analytics to infer holistic view.
FB & GA Insights helps to infer
  • Which gender contributes to Likes?
  • Which Age segment contributes to Likes?
  • How BM facebook page users engages with different content?
  • Who talk about your page
  • What drives traffic to the Facebook (Facebook Page or Facebook Campaign)
  • Where the visitors are going from facebook?
  • Which Device drives traffic to Facebook?
  • How you reached People
  • How the visitor engages with your page
  • Top countries that drive traffic to FB? 


60% of facebook users access facebook through mobile

Facebook hits 1 Billion users. Out of 1 Billion users 60% of the user’s access facebook through mobile. Moreover, Next to America, Asia is the largest users for facebook. What does it mean to us?

  • Mobile Responsiveness – It is very essential to analyze the effectiveness of facebook ads on mobile
  • Easy Engagement & Brand Recall – Connecting with huge audience in developing Asian Countries at affordable price
  • Local Targeting – Mobile Users means local targeting is very effective
  • Facebook is good for B2C Model
  • Emotional communication is more effective than rational

How STP (Segmentation, Targetting, Positioning) is applied to Digital Marketing Channels?

We use different marketing channels to reach & communicate with the audience. Segmentation, Targetting & Position is the key marketing approach to bridge audience & service. Lets define What is Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning?

  • Segmentation – Segmentation is the process of classifying customers into groups which share same characteristics
  • Targeting – Targeting involves the process of evaluating each segment attractiveness and selecting one or more segment to enter
  • Positioning is arranging for a product to occupy a clear, distinctive and desirable place relative to competing products in the mind of consumer
Particulars Segmentation Targetting Positioning
Search What/ How people Search
Search Relevance
Relevant Info
Social Media Taste, Preference, Interest,
Existing Customer,
Taste, Interest
Info / News
Mailer Email Database Taste, Needs & 
Informative /

Why Twitter is the best Social Media Platform?

Twitter objective is very simple and straight forward. Connecting people without affecting their privacy (No Complication & Confusion).

Let we explore which Twitter is the best Social Media Platform

  • Best of Both World – Twitter Platform is good for B2B & B2C
  • Privacy – Won’t create privacy issues
  • No Distraction – Connecting people with content without confusion
  • Content is Short & Straight Forward – Netizens does not have the patience to browse through huge content. They will grasp the key elements of the content.
  • Mobile Compatibility – Twitter content is like Short Messaging Service (SMS). Twitter is the best fit for mobile users. Mobile is the emerging market in developing countries

I personally feel, Google should / may acquire twitter and sync with the Adwords (Paid Search). Oh! Am i leaked the Google future acquisition open secret :)

Google Plus (G+) likes in Google Paid Search Results

Google uses its search dominance to increase its social media market share (Google Plus). From today G+1 likes will be featured in Paid search results.


To take advantage of this, most of the adwords advertisers will use GPlus to promote its product & services. Google’s bread & butter is Adwords. It is Google Practice to leverage other products through Adwords and Vice Versa.

Social Media (Networking) is a boon …. If not managed properly, it will blemish the business

Social Networking is like a beautiful glass flowerpot. It needs to be handled with care. Social Media is many to many communications. Social Media is a great communication channel through which consumers can easily reach the business. It gives full freedom to consumers. They can easily escalate any issue to the business owners through this medium (More importantly; they are
communicating to the world).

Managing social media communication is very crucial for business. Social Media easily can tarnish the brand image due to few bad comments or postings (Even the competitor can play around

Business should have proper mechanism in place to handle Negative comments & communication. Else boon medium becomes bust. Social media helps in brand promotion & lead retention. It is very difficult to use social media as lead generation mechanism for B2B model.

Business can

  • Maximizing visitor engagement
  • Updating new products / services to the consumers
  • Conducting survey among the target audience & consumers
through social media.

It is better not to have sales tone in social communications. The core objective of social media should be meaningful engagement than sale. Social Media is Digital Word of Mouth (DWOM) for business with nuclear teeth. If managed properly, it speaks for you….