Google Decoding Measurement & Attribution – DMA 2016 Event (Part 1) – Micro Moments

Attened Google Decoding Measurement & Attribution – DMA 2016 Event. Pls. find below the keypoints discussed in the meeting. 

Guide to Micro Moments in Smart Phones & Consumer Behavior (Presented by Dhruv Dhawan – Industry Manager @ Google)

  • Smart Phone Behavior – India

    •    180 min. spent in smartphone on any avg. daily
    •    130 times checking the Smart Phone
  • What they do in Smart Phone – India

    •    Know Moments (Discovery & Search App Downloads)
    •    Go Moments

      •   2X increase in "near me" search interest
      •   39% conducting local search visited local stores
    •    Do Moments

      •   54% on online users to learn something new
      •   55% of watch youtube
    •    Buy Moments

      •   Compare Prices
  • On Succeeding Micro Moments

    •    73% consumers say regularly getting useful Information
    •    51% go for other brand because of information
  • On Consumer Behavior

    •    57% of people are more likely to visit a store when they search on mobile
    •    62% of marketers measure marketing efficiency & effectiveness based on each specific channel or campaign
  • On Consumer Journey

    •    90% People purchase across screens
    •    87% consumer research before enter the store
    •    82% turn to mobile device for product decision

o   We knew people start on mobile &  then convert in desktop

Overall Insight – In India, people use mobile phone for research & engagement, but to do transcations, people prefer deskop



Google Search Query to Search Analytics? What’s in it?

Google launched "Search Analytics Beta" evolved version of "Search Queries ReportCourtesy:

How you can slice & dize keyword report 

  • Devices (Desktop Vs Mobile Vs Tablet) Breakup – Slice the keyword engagement on different devices. This helps to understand the Desktop & mobile search trend
  • Search Type Breakup – How the People are engagement with Web, Image & Video Search for specific keywords
  • Country Breakup – How the people are engagement with specific country for specific keywords

Limitations in Search Analytics

  • Dimension Fetching – we can only fetch Max Two dimension at a time. For example: What is the breakup of Device for specific keywords? Yes, it is doable. But, if we want to know device breakup of Specific keywords in Specific country is not doable. These kind of multi-dimension stiching helps to get more granular data.
  • Time Range Limit – We can only trend data for only three months
  • You cann't integrated Search Analytics with Google anlaytics (Only Search queries data are available in Google analytics)

Upgraded URL in Adwords

Adwords introduced upgraded URL instead of destination URL

Upgraded URL's

  • Upgraded URLs let you enter the landing page portion of your URL and your tracking information separately in AdWords.
  • Manage tracking for many entities in a single location
  • Editing shared template doesn't trigger editorial review or stats reset

Upgraded URLs Benefits: 

  • less time spent managing URL tracking updates
  • reduced crawl and load times on your website
  • new ValueTrack parameters that help you gain additional insights about your ads

If you using the Destination URLs are made up of two components:

  • Landing page URL This is the URL that customers see in their browsers when they get to your landing page after clicking on your ad.
  • Tracking This section includes information like redirects to third party tracking services, ValueTrack parameters, or custom creative IDs. 

Google Analytics Feature Release – Update

The following changes in Google Analytics have begun rolling out to user accounts and will be available in the coming weeks.

  • Trash Can: Provides a self-service interface for users to rescue items that were mistakenly deleted from their account structure. 
  • Geo ID Widening: Adds City and Region fields to the Measurement Protocol and adds a Geographical Data import type. This feature also exposes a new Geo dimension in the Reporting API. 

  • Custom Funnels (Premium only): Allows customers to create user level, ad-hoc “funnels” to perform task completion analysis. 

  • Improved GA/AdWords Remarketing List Activation: Improves the activation flow for new lists created in Google Analytics. 

  • “Query Word Count” dimension: Adds Query Word Count to Search Queries report. This allows advertisers to analyze incoming search queries based on the number of words used in the query.

  • Cohort Analysis Reporting: Adds a report that provides cohort analysis on user behavior, including daily, weekly, and monthly retention and revenue/purchaser behavior. This report allows website owners and app developers to examine the percentage of users that are still using an app/site over time, and how much revenue/desired behavior they are generating. 

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Facebook launches analytics for App

Facebook App AnalyticsWhat you can do with facebook app analytics?

Break down trends by country, age, gender, language and platform in order to gain insights about how specific groups of people use your app.

Funnels – Discover when your customers are having a problem getting through your app. Whether a checkout flow is asking for too much information, a level is too hard to beat, or you have a bug in your latest release – funnels help you get to the bottom of the problem.

Cohorts Analysis – You can look at what percentage of people who installed your app on a given day are still opening your app one week later. You can use cohorts to better understand retention, lifetime value, and repeat purchase rate.

Facebook App Ads & Third Party add tracking – Measure the lifetime value of your Facebook Ads. If you are running app ads on other mobile ad networks, you can integrate with attribution solution to measure ad performance and lifetime value by ad network.

Remember: Facebook Won't allow Google Analytics UTM Tracking in Facebook Ads. Does Google allow Adwords / Ad Tracking in Facebook Analytics? 

Google Analytics Introduce Recycle Bin Feature

What is Google Analytics Trash Can?

If you accidentely deleted your Google Analytics Account or Property or View, don't panic. You will can restore it from trash can. 

Trash Can Limitations?
The deleted Account / Property / View only available for 35 dates in Trash can. More then 35 days, it will disappear/deleted forever. 

Where you will find the Trash Can?
Admin > Account > Trash Can

When the feature will be rolledout?
As per Google Analytics Blog "This feature will be rolling out to all Google Analytics accounts in the coming weeks, but don’t worry–anything you’ve deleted starting today will still show up in the Trash Can once you get the feature update in your account"


Google Analytics – More Dimensions to Choose from, More Scalability

In Custom Report, Previously you can choose maximum of two dimensions. But recently, you can choose max of 5 dimensions in the flat table. This means there will be more scability in drilling down relevant dimensions to slice & dice the metrics. This is really an awesome move from google analytics


Marketers on the Future of Marketing & Social Media Presence (Vol 3)


Marketer On the next 5 years for marketing: On an engaging social media presence:
Gary Schirr – Associate Professor | Radford University Staying relevant and communicating effectively over a series of platforms will be a major challenge  for most of the next decade This is a visual age: No content should go out without a picture : a picture is more powerful than words; a video is more powerful than a still picture.
Janet Fouts – CEO | Tatu Digital Media We’ll stop talking about “Social Media” and it will be a natural part of all marketing plans. Think about who you are talking to and be mindful of what they want  instead of pushing your message on them. (Don’t put words in their mouths. Listen.)
Gina Carr – Chief Tribe Building Officer | Gina Carr International Choosing the right channels, engagement strategies, and offers will be critical for success  Throw parade candy. The single best thing you can do in social media is to toss around love  in the form of recognition, appreciation, and praise to various stakeholders – customers, vendors, partners, shareholders, team members.
Terry Brock – Supreme Commander | Achievement Systems, Inc.  Three that I see making a bit impact are 3D printing, commercial drones, and Bitcoin  Focus on helping others rather than “blasting” your message out . We don’t need your blasting. We need caring!
Mark Burgess – President | Blue Focus Marketing  Look for more brands to be focused on the creation of social employees as the new marketing channel  Your primary goal is to create content that is compelling and sharable 

iOS Install Tracking through Google Analytics

You can track iOS installs through Google Analytics. Tell now, it is not possible to track iOS installs through google analytics. If you use AdMob or other mobile ad networks to drive installs of iOS apps, here's some good news: iOS install tracking is coming as a Public Beta in a few weeks to all Google Analytics accounts. This detailed view of iOS install campaigns will be available right in your Google Analytics interface.



American Adults spend 11 hours a day with electronic media

The Top 1,2 & 4 electronic media can be accessed through smartphones.