Awesome Anaytics Presentation – Beyond Numbers

Come-across aweseom Analytics Presentation that talks about

  • Aligning metrics with what people are judged on
  • Business truly care about prospects & customers
  • Realign with the Prospects – Customers Dynamics
  • Less about Metrics mechanics more about business health
  • Web Customer Life time & Values 

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When to use GA Custom Alert

Custom Alert is used to alert the concerned when there is a signficant increase or decrease in specific metrics

Custom alert is mainly used to 


  • To track the Page Load Time Increase
  • To track the Pageviews  increase or decrease in Home Page
  • Page Not Found Errors increase or decrease

Analytics Edge – Company Profile

Analytic Edge ( is a provider of high impact business solutions leveraging advanced analytics and technology. 

The management team has extensive experience in statistical modeling and advanced analytics across multiple industry verticals and geographies.

Solutions Provided:

We integrate myriad data sources and apply cutting edge analytic techniques to deliver insights that drive tremendous business value.


  • Data Management & Business Insights
  • Forecasting & Simulation
  • Customer Insights
  • Marketing Insights

Industries Served:

  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Consumer Durables
  • Retail
  • Telecom
  • Travel and Hospitality, among others

Founders: Dr. Santosh Nair & Mr. Vijay Ramaswamy


Google Analytics Terminology: “Visits” to “Sessions” “Unique Visitors” to “Users”

Google Analytics Changed the Metrics Terminology – “Visits” to “Sessions” & “Unique Visitors” to “Users”. This change  is done to unify the metrics terminology of web & app. 

Some metrics and dimensions used different names in app views and in web views, even though they presented the exact same data. Now, all metric, dimensions, and segment names are the same, regardless if they’re used for web or app data. This gives you a clear and consistent way to analyze and refer to all of your Google Analytics data.

Top venture Capital invested in Indian Analytics Firm


  • Northwest Venture Partners
  • TA Associates
  • Fidelity Growth Partners India
  • The Hive
  • Interwest Partners
  • Seedfund Advisors
  • General Atlantic
  • Crystal Financial



Facebook Characteristics – Social Media Characteristics

Let we define the characteristics of the medium

User Characteristics – Very Emotional because, they need recognition from others. 80% Emotional, 20% Rational

Device Characteristics – 80% of the Users are in Mobile

Communication Connect

Visual driven – Visual Image gives more impact than text

Community Connect – It is possible to connect with community

Communication – Social Communication creates big disturbance

Unstructured Communication environment, that environment requires chaos.Marketing persuading won't work 

Viral – This medium is viral in nature. Synonym of word of mouth is facebook

Brand Connect – Helps to connect with consumers

Geographic – Connect with local audience

Pull Medium

Customer Support
Brand Connect

Push Medium – Emotional Connect

Viral Marketing through Social Media without brand tag – Flappy Bird Case Study

All of us heard of flappy bird game. How the games struck in every smart phones like a wild fire. Millions of downloads in few days. Really Awesome. If we convince few people that has social media connect, it is very easy to go viral. This means, you don't need brand tag in social media. Socially Connect people are your brand ambassador. Moreover, in social media, if you convince one target audience in social Media, there is 100x possibility to convince target audience through them. Because, they connect with same kind of target audience. So, recommendation from Known people to same set of perception, target audience is viral.   



What Marketers should know before initiating the marketing campaign?

Marketers  should find answers for below queries to understand the behavior of the prospects for effective Marketerscommunication & targetting through different channels

  • What Makes Prospects to Engage During Pre-Purchase Period
  • What Creates Awareness towards the product & services rendered?
  • What creates Interest towards the product & services rendered?
  • When the Prospect Consider to Purchase?
  • What Channel & Device Prospect use during Pre-Purchase & Purchase?

If we answser these, Marketering becomes simpler. 


Google Analytics – While Calculating Seconds Calculation % change GA shows incorrect data

While doing Page load time metrics comparative analyses, the % change calculation shows incorrect no. in google analytics. Pls. find below the screenshot

Google Analytics Seconds Error

If we analyze the AVg. Domain Lookup Time (Sec) metrics change, it is showing 50,541.21%. Is that make sense… 

Attribution Modelling – Which One is Perfect?

Attribution modelling is the process of assigning credit to marketing channel touch points that drives conversion. 
Not all marketing channels directly drives conversion. some channels helps to create awareness, some channels helps to re-engage prospects, some channel helps to convert. Understanding the Marketing channel touch points in buyers lifecyle is very very essential. This will help to communicate effectively at different touch points & optimize the channel accordingly. 

Type of attribution model are

1. First interaction attribution – Assigning credit to the first marketing channel touchpoint for the conversion
2. Last interacton attribution – Assinging credit to the last marketing channel toucchpoint for the conversion
3. Linear attribution – Assigning credit equally to all the touchpoints for the conversion
4. Time Deccay Attribution – More credit is assingn to the marketing channel touchpoint near to the conversion and 
less credit is assing to the marketing channel touchpoint first & early touch points
5. Position based or U shaped Attribution : Assigning 40% credit to first & last marketing channel touchpoint and 
20% credit is assigned inbetween marketing channel touchpoint

It is not possible to Zero-in the perfect attribution model. Because the attribution model various based on the campiagnobjective. For example, social media activity helps to assist the conversion. So, if we go by first & last interacton attribution model, the social media get less credit.

First understand the campaign objective and then choose the right attribution model