Google Analytics – More Dimensions to Choose from, More Scalability

In Custom Report, Previously you can choose maximum of two dimensions. But recently, you can choose max of 5 dimensions in the flat table. This means there will be more scability in drilling down relevant dimensions to slice & dice the metrics. This is really an awesome move from google analytics


Marketers on the Future of Marketing & Social Media Presence (Vol 3)


Marketer On the next 5 years for marketing: On an engaging social media presence:
Gary Schirr – Associate Professor | Radford University Staying relevant and communicating effectively over a series of platforms will be a major challenge  for most of the next decade This is a visual age: No content should go out without a picture : a picture is more powerful than words; a video is more powerful than a still picture.
Janet Fouts – CEO | Tatu Digital Media We’ll stop talking about “Social Media” and it will be a natural part of all marketing plans. Think about who you are talking to and be mindful of what they want  instead of pushing your message on them. (Don’t put words in their mouths. Listen.)
Gina Carr – Chief Tribe Building Officer | Gina Carr International Choosing the right channels, engagement strategies, and offers will be critical for success  Throw parade candy. The single best thing you can do in social media is to toss around love  in the form of recognition, appreciation, and praise to various stakeholders – customers, vendors, partners, shareholders, team members.
Terry Brock – Supreme Commander | Achievement Systems, Inc.  Three that I see making a bit impact are 3D printing, commercial drones, and Bitcoin  Focus on helping others rather than “blasting” your message out . We don’t need your blasting. We need caring!
Mark Burgess – President | Blue Focus Marketing  Look for more brands to be focused on the creation of social employees as the new marketing channel  Your primary goal is to create content that is compelling and sharable 

iOS Install Tracking through Google Analytics

You can track iOS installs through Google Analytics. Tell now, it is not possible to track iOS installs through google analytics. If you use AdMob or other mobile ad networks to drive installs of iOS apps, here's some good news: iOS install tracking is coming as a Public Beta in a few weeks to all Google Analytics accounts. This detailed view of iOS install campaigns will be available right in your Google Analytics interface.



American Adults spend 11 hours a day with electronic media

The Top 1,2 & 4 electronic media can be accessed through smartphones.

How to Track in Google Analytics when the Javascript is disabled in Browser?

Courtesy: TechgainerSolution: One lesser-known fact is that Google Analytics events can be triggered via server-side code like PHP! With some clever snippets, we can detect which page a user is viewing when they have JavaScript disabled.



Facebook Campaign Structure Update

Facebook updates ad campaign struture: targeting, placement, bid settings at ad set level 












Proud be an Indian – India is the First Country in Asia to Successfully launched Satellite to Mars Orbit (Mangalyaan)

  • India is the first country in the world to successfully enters the Mars orbit, in first attempt 
  • India is the first & only country in the Asia region successful launched Satelliate to Mars  
  • The MOM or Mars Orbiter Mission was conceived, planned and implemented by ISRO on a shoestring budget of Rs. 450 crores or $ 67 mn (Less than another launch by developed countries like US, Russia & Europe)
  • At its closest point, the orbiter will be 365 km from the planet's surface, and at its furthest – 80,000 km
  • Mangalyaan, which is the size of a Tata Nano car, was launched on 11 May, 2013, aboard India's Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle-C25 rocket. The mission is meant to test India's ability to place a craft in Martian orbit and technologies required for a future interplanetary mission


Business Analytics Definitions – Descriptive – Prescriptive – Diagnostic – Predictive

  • Descriptive analytics describes a phenomenon through different measures that could capture its relevant dimensions. The purpose is to simply unravel ‘what happened’ or alerting on what is going to happen.
  • Diagnostic analytics evaluates ‘why’ something happened. It needs exploratory data analysis of the existing data or additional data if required to be collected using tools such as visualization techniques in order to discover the root causes of a problem.
  • Predictive analytics seeks options for future business imperatives, predicts potential future outcomes, and explains drivers of the observed phenomena using statistical or data mining techniques – for instance, predicting the sales of a product for the next month or the behaviour of a target segment of the customers.
  • Prescriptive analytics goes beyond describing, explaining, and predicting to suggest ‘what courses of action may be taken’ for the future to optimize business processes in order to achieve business objectives. In other words, it associates decision alternatives with the prediction of outcomes. For prescriptive analytics, decision analysis is used which includes tools such as optimization and simulation.

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Solution to Google Analytics Ecommerce Payment gateway referral problem

Courtesy: Mobile Marketing WatchIn most of the GA ecommerce Source report, payment gateway is one of the major referral that contributes transcation. The reason is, if the payment got failed, the user needs to come to the website again & make the payment. If the visitor goes outside the website & come again, the google analytics treat payment gateway is the last referral. But this is not the last referral.

The best way to resolve this issue using events in the last payment transcation form (Before leaving to third party payment gateway website). Capture the Transcation Id in the event & mapping it.

If you are using Chat, use survey while closing the chat & ask them for the referral source (Like Did you come by Search engine, Direct or others)


Google Analytics App Tracking UTM Tracking not for Mailer

Courtesy BruceclayGoogle analytics is so cynical. You can use UTM tracking only to track Google play download & Adwords campaign. It is not possible use UTM to track mailer referral in App.