How to derive Online Marketing Mix?

The Objective of marketing department is to reach the target audience  through different channels and to educate them about the products & services and its benefits.

Multi Device

Understanding Customer Engagement Life Cycle with channel & device & touch points are must

  • To derive right marketing mix, one has to understand 
  • How different channels helps the purchase decision process
  • Which Channel & device combo are used by target audience to engage with the product & services
  • Which channel & device combo are used by target audience to subscribe / to purchase
  • Which channel & device combo are used by target audience that stimulate offline purchase
  • Which age segement use which channel & device combo

We are living in Multi Device & multi channel world… understanding customer device & channel usage behavior helps to derive right online marketing mix

Google Consistency: Search result is consistent across all Google Data Centers

People say Google is Search Engine Gaint, but it is half true. Google is the Super-duper statistical company. The way the crawl and store the data and serve the accuracy result (Most of the time) demonstrates their statistical capabilities. Three years back, the consistencies across datacenters are not so great. 

Google DataCenter










But now, If a webpage content crawled and Google, the data has been sync 99.99% across datacenters. This is really awesome.

Search  with below Google datacenters and see the results. Experience the consistency


Marketelligent : Analytics Company Profile – India

  • Company: Marketelligent (
  • Objective: To enable Clients to make the most of their information by providing analytic services, which directly impact their business performance
  • Headquarters: Bangalore
  • Founders


  • Marketelligent provide services to below industries

– Retail Banking & Consumer Finance
– Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail
– Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and
– Media

  • Marketelligent has core competence in key analytic areas

– Strategic MIS Segmentation
– Forecasting
– Predictive Modeling
– Customer Lifetime Value
– Optimization

Google Godzilla started getting Qualitative Data – Google Consumer Survey

Google created new revenue model through Google Consumer Survey ( This is a Google Consumer Surveygreat move from Google to get qualitative data. Till Now, Google extracts only quantitative data, now through this service; Google is in control of qualitative data. So, Google knows your business, products & customer experience. This product is win-win move from Google.

How to run a campaign in Google Customer Service

1. Create a Survey with our questionnaires

2. Add your target audience. (The pricing is based on the target audience)

3. Review and run the Survey

Where the Surveys are published?

Questions run across sites in our diverse publisher network in order to get the necessary respondents. Publishers—online news sites, video creators, and app developers.


Using Quantitative and qualitative data, Google easily map an individual Behavior and Group (Company) Information. Those who exposed to internet are exposed to Google Gozilla!!!

Google I/O – Larry Page Q/A – Awesome

After watching the Larry Page Q/A, it is possible to understand, how holistic the entrepreneur thought process. There thought process about future is mind blogging. Ya, the quality of human being is defined by their thought process, that differenciate extra-ordinary from ordinary. Larry Page, your speak is very inspiring. 

Takeaways of Larry Page Q/A 

  • Mobile is the future. 
  • Software should be intererable (Platform independent)
  • Google Glass to woo Apple users
  • Google employees are crazy people 
  • Physical products production – Raw material, Supply chain is a concern

Pls. watch Larry Page Q & A (From 3 Hrs 5 Minutes)


For B2C MARCOMMS – Understanding Gender Likes & Preference is must

While marketing a product or service to the consumer, the response varies based on the Gender. For example, if we are selling a Pen, the communication should persuade both the target audience (Male & Female). If we do a MARCOMMS for a Pen – Then the communication should be like this

  • Male Target Audience – Brand A pen is "Strong, Sleak & lostlong" messaging
  • Female Target Audience – "Colorful, Soft & handy" messaging  

In Digital Media, it is easy to test various gender specific communication / template and study the engagement & impact.

Which graph / chart to choose for the data? | Data Visualization | Charts & Graphs

We are dealing with lot of data. To represent those data with actionable insight, right graph needs to be selected. Ic come-across a chart cooser diagram from Andrew Abela. Very good thought process of Chart type segmentation based on the requirement. Worth to check. Thanks Abela awesome starter of graph represntation for different metrics 

Which Chart to Choose



Mobile App Analytics – Automated crash & exception measurement for Android & iOS from GA

Google Analytics Mobile Apps analytics come-up with automated crash & exception measurement for andriod & iOS. 

Google Mobile App Analytics takes just one line of code to implement for Android or iOS:

<!– Enable automatic crash measurement (Android) –>Android  & IOS Apps Crash
<bool name=”ga_reportUncaughtExceptions”>true</bool>

// Enable automatic crash measurement (iOS).
[GAI sharedInstance].trackUncaughtExceptions = YES;

Implement automated crash measurement with just one line of code on Android or iOS. Moreover, it is possible to check for stability of each version.

Great work Avinash & team , you people taking google mobile app analytics to next level.

Few days ago, Microsoft Founder regrets about he / his company does not forsee Mobile potential. Does Microsoft launch new product in mobile segment to compete with Google?  

Check Google Analytics Blog for more details :

Adwords Enhanced Campaign will leverage on Mobile Device Visitor Behavior

Google Adwords launched enhanced Campaign model. What's new. Targetting & Managing Multi Screen Consumer is very easy using this interface. More over, enhanced campaign report helps to figure out lead attribution better. Whether the visitors reach through mobile device then purchase the product through desktop or wise-versa.

Digital Marketing Analtyics - Mobile Advertising for local busines

The ad are served based on

  • Search Intention – What the searcher exactly looking for
  • Context

    • From which device the searcher is searching for
    • Location (From Which location the searcher is seaching for
    • Time of the day – At what time the search is searching for​​

If a searcher is searching for Pizza from Desktop, Different Adtext is served. If a searcher is searching for Pizza from Mobile, different adtext is served. Ultimately everything boils down to relevance, personalized results based on the location. Mobile & local business their is urge market potential. Google Giant will leverage this potenital 

Dashboard should in-line with Business objective

Creating eye candy dashboard and present it to management is good. But how to inference of the dashboard helps to achieve business Business / Marketing Dashboard inline with business objectiveobjectives is very important. Eric T. Peterson Says, "the value is not in the numbers; the value is in what the numbers tell you about your business". That's true. Mapping the dashboard value with business objective is very very important. 

Hierarchy of Analytical needs by "Eric T. Peterson"

Data -> Information -> Insights -> Recommendations. 

Most of the Analyst stops in Information level. Provided proper insight is very very essential. Business & marketing analytics plays a vital role in providing proper insight. Management will come-up recommendation based on the Insight. 

Read this Article from Eric "Dashboard is not Strategy" for more details