How to protect google analytics data from manipulation & hacking

Google Analytics is free & aweseome web analytics tool to track the click behavior. GA is a Javascript based trackig solution. The advantage of javascript based web analytics solution is, it is very easy to install & configure as compared to log based web analytics tool like web trends. But at the same time, your competitor or some alien can manipulate your data by using your web property. Then, it is not possible to infer anything from your web analytics data. Moreover, even it is very difficult to determine what went work. Pls. find below the screenshot how to overcome from this. 

How to communicate multiple domain

Some of you will be collecting data from multiple domains intentionally. A common example is merging data from different country domains. Let’s say that I include traffic from and in the same Google Analytics profile. If I use the filter above, I’ll only see traffic on With a little regular expression magic, I can include both. Instead of defining the filter pattern as “larslofgren\.com”, I’ll use “\.com|larslofgren\.co\.uk”. Since the “|” acts as an “and” symbol, this tells Google Analytics to include traffic from both these domains. All the other settings are exactly the same. My new filter would look like this:

Courtesy: Kissmetrics




Web Analytics Vs Predictive Analytics for Web / Online

Difference between Web Analytics & Predictive Analytics for Web / Online 

Particulars Web Analytcs Predictive Analytics
Analyze Visitor Centric Customer Centric
Scoring Not Possible Possible
What you Track Click Behavior Prospects/Customer Behavior
Time Window Existing Period Existing + Future Period
What we Infer Visitor Behavior Insight  Behavior Prediction from
Customer Behavior 
Optimize Visitor Customers
Data Sheet Training Data/Spreadsheet Flat Table/ Flat Table
Goal Understand Visitor Better Retaining & Expanding the
Customer Base through acqusition
& reducing defection
A/B Testing  A/B Testing on Visitor 
A/B Testing on Customer Behavior