What is Cohort Analysis? How it helps to understand engagement behavior

Courtesy: http://businesssolutions.itWhat is Cohort?
A cohort is a group of people who share a common characteristic over a certain period of time. Example: Digital Analytics Group is one Cohort 

What is Cohort Analysis?
Is used to analyse behavior of a group that shares commom Characteristics

Where you will find Cohort Analysis?
Login to Google Analytics > Audience > Cohort Analysis 

What are the Cohort Component in GA?

Cohort Type: At present, you can only use Acquisition date (First Visitor Session to Website)
Hope, in future, google will relish more cohort type

Cohort Size: It is nothing but the interval of cohort time window (Day, Week, Month)

Metric:  Actual data point that needs to be Analyzyed (Like retention, Pageviews, etc)

Date Range: Time Window

Pls. Note: Maximum you can see 12 columns. For example, If you choose the date range Last 30 days & cohort Size is "By day", will only see 12 Interval or 12 days. If you for the month, move to Week Interval

How to make Cohort Analysis for better insight?
Combine cohort Analysis with Advanced Segmentation for better insight

Lets take few behavior insight can be emerged in Cohort Analysis

  • What should be the retention behavior on different device category (Desktop, Mobile,Tablet)?
  • What should be the retention behavior on different platform?
  • What should be the retention behavior on different Regions?