Digital Consumer Behavior to Integrated Consumer Behavior

Now, digital analytics help users to track offline engagement. Using Google Universal Analytics it is possible to track cross device & offline consumer engagement behavior. Understanding Intergrated consumer behavior helps to connect consumer offline & online Integrated Consumer Behaiorbehavior. Yes, we have to tool to track, but how to leverage from this is essential. The objective of tracking engagement differs from business to business. Without understanding what to track, we would infer anything.

  • Step 1: Understand the Business Requirement. What kind of consumer behavior business what to infer?
  • Step 2: What customized additional dimensions / metrics required in Google analytics
  • Step 3: Integrate the required dimensions using measurement protocol
  • Step 4: Analyze the data and try to infer

Analytics is maturing day by day. 10 years back, we are fascinated about data. 5 years back, we are fascinated about actionable reports. Now, syncing offline & online consumer behavior. 

Yes, Analytics is much more sophisticated. But, if we don't have clarity on what we try to achieve with analytics, it is like catching lions tail.