Digital Marketing ROI Attribution & Emerging Areas

Stan Ventures surveyed more than 500 digital marketers on their top digital goals and challenges for 2014. (Source:

Big advantage of the digital marketing is measurability. But the measurability is a boon & as will as curse. Because, it is very difficult to attribute ROI to digital marketing medium & map with spends. Digital medium becomes more or more complex, because of multi screen, multi channel & offline & online engagement. 

Now, it is very essential to map objective to each campaign. What this campaign is intended for? Is this campaign is to generate leads or sales or for brand awareness or for download? Then analyze the campaign performance based on the objective (Whether the objective is achieved or not). Also, it is very essential to understand the medium characteristics & objective before analyzing the same.

Moreover, the marketers are interested to increase or maintain the spends on Data & Analytics, marketing automation, Email. It Shows that the top management are keen to justify on what they do & to do digital marketing in smarter way.