Digital Marketing Trends Summary – SEMPO Chennai (Cognizant) Event Takeaways

Hi All,

Attended SEMPO Chennai Event. Provided some event Takeaways. 

Speaker : Mr. Sairaj Vaithilingam, AVP, Cognizant

Big Player Moves in Digital Marketing & Analytics Industry

  • Publicis & Omnicom Merger 
  • Accenture acquired 10 digital firms (cequity, etc)
  • IBM is keen on Digital Analytics Space

What happening in marketing area in Global level

  • Marketing activity moved to technology oriented
  • Analytics places a very strong role
  • Ad agency build technology
  • Digital agency focus on digital assests – website, customer assets

More technology spents for CMO than CTOs in the matter of 2 & 3 years

Insight Value is very important. Tell customer Tell customer what they need is very essential 

Digital Analytics Trends : Speaker – Mr. Anand Kalaimamani & Mr. Immanuel Godwin – Cognizant

  • Digital Analytics Maturity – Basic Metrics -> Reports -> Enterprise -> Actionable Reports
  • Key Areas / Trends in Analytics


    • Multi Channel Analytics
    • Tag Management
    • Data Processing
    • Social Listening
    • Mobile App Measurement
  • Analytics Adoption – Social, Mobile & Big Data
  • Mobile Apps Measurements


    • Design, Build, Self Learn
    • Objective Mapping – Industry Functions & Target audience
    • Metrics & Dimensions
    • Implementation

Changing Landscape of search and links : Speaker – Mr. Navneet Kaushal – CEO – PageTraffic

  • Google Panda  Focus on Ecommerice Sites
  • Google Penguin Focus on Link Schemes, Keyword Stuffing, Over Optimization, Unnatural links 
  • Pagerank is not updated very long time
  • Author Rank is essential
  • New SEO Strategy


    • Brand – Google focus on big brands
    • Citations & Trust – Google rewarding these signals
    • Building Authorship is must
  • PR is not given much authority

Social Media… beyond just marketing : Speaker : Mr. Hareesh Tibrewala -Joint CEO – Social Wavelength

  • Social Media and markeing won't go hand in hand
  • Social Media is not just a brand manager level issue…Sociial is CXO level Issue
  • Building Dynamic Group is essential
  • SOLOMO will place targetting will play a vital role

Brand building through Digital : Mr. Vivek Bhargava – CEO – iProspect Communicate 2

  • Digital roles – Performance, Advertising Medium
  • In Future all device will connect to internet
  • Three fillers of digital – Paid, Organic, Social

Digital Marketing Unconference : Mr. Kiruba Shankar – Director – F5ive Technologies

  • Infography places a vital role
  • Traffic that generate traffic: Reddit, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Q & A sites

Digital Marketing in a social-mobile world! : Ms. Anuradha Sriraman – Head EBusiness – Royal Sundaram Alliance

  • Digital Marketing Over the Years (Experimention, Direct Response, Relationship Marketing)
  • Mobile Trends


    • Rise of the mobile only generation
    • Facebook
    • Content Consumption is on the rise through Mobile
  • 3 Areas of Focus – Mobile, Content & Social
  • Building a Mobile First Experience – Implications, Opportunities & Measures

How to Save 16% of your B2B Campaign – Speaker Mr. Palani Balasundaram – Manager – Search Analytics – Hewlett Packard​

  • Campaign experiementation is must. Exact Ad & landing page communication not always delivers

Social Signals & Search – Speaker Mr. Benedict Hayes – Vice President – iprospect communicate

  • Determine what is real and Fake. Google is killing fake
  • Best Practice – website architecture, Content, Credibility & Engagement
  • Determining Useful – Engagement, Speed & Vitality
  • Social Signals forms part of SEO ranking

Connecting real life to search ranking factors – Speaker : Mr. Senthil Murugappan – Digital Marketing Strategist

  • Balanced Offpage and Onpage optimization is essential 

Event Organizer: Ezhil Raja