How a digital medium helps in B2B marketing?

The key aspect of B2B marketing is personal relationship.B2B decision Making Unit (Buying Center) is very complex as compared to B2C. The B2C marketing strategy won't work for B2B marketing.

In what way the digital medium will support B2B marketing?

Digital Medium Digital Medium Description
Lead Generation  Search  Identifying the target prospects through search medium is easy 
Brand Awareness  PR,  Banner Advertising,Digital Radio  Brand awareness plays a vital role in B2B Marketing. Using digital medium, it is easy to create brand awareness. Because digital medium has no boundaries 
Credibility  Website, Social Media  Product & Brand credibility & reputation can be communicated in website (Logo, Badge, Testimonial, Social Media) 
Customer Support  CRM, Chat, Email, Forum, Resource Center  B2B customers have long term relationship and the quantum of buyers in B2B is small.  It is very essential to keep the existing customer happy 
Customization  Messaging for each segment  Customized Message for different segment of prospects is easy & quick in digital medium 
Customer Feedback  Survey, Poll  It is very easy to collect customer feedback through digital 
Training  Webinar, Webcast, Social Media (Youtube)  Product & Partner training though virtual medium is easy & cost effective