Does Mobile Device affect Desktop Usage? – Multi Device Engagement

The world is digitalized. Each human being in this world depends on digital for communication one way or the other. Internet ruled the world Multi Device Usage - Desktop Vs Mobilefor the decade, Now we are in Mobile Age. The power of internet is instant and the power of mobile is personalization. If both combine, the technology provide comfort & convenience to users. Does Mobile internet, the desktop usage got affected? For my view, it is big NO. Each device has its own advantages & disadvantages. If we take desktop, one can read more articles, do multiple tasks without pain. But it is no so in mobile device. But Mobile Device helps to connect with content & communicate on the move. Mobile facilitate to connect & do few task on the move. That is true. Mobile adds more comfort to users. Mobile is one more digital medium to connect and interact. Mobile device expanded the digital landscape. Mobile is a powerful digital medium but  i can't replace desktop in all the aspects.