Email / Mailer is the best channel for Relationship Marketing

A decade back, e-mail communications are particularly used by individuals to communicate with each other. Because of better internet connectivity and technological advancement, many businesses using this channel to reach their target audience.

Why Mailer for business? – “Acquiring a new customers is much expensive than retaining a existing one”. Mailer Campaign evolved beautifully in a decade. Due to Opt-in Model & Email Regulation /Compliance (Like Can Spam Act), Mailer emerged as a powerful medium to reach the prospect’s & audience.

Moreover there are many Autoresponder tools are available in the market to run DRIP Campaigns in cost-effective manner and also comply with Can Spam Act.

Mailer Channel Advantage

  • Measurable – Email Performance can be measured (Open Rate, Response, CTR)
  • Control – Easy to manage & control the mailer campaign. It take only few minutes to a set-up mailer campiagn
  • Engage – Reliable Channel to engage with prospects & consumers in regular intervals
  • Segment & Customize – Customized Messaging can be delivered for specific mailer list
  • Cost Effective – Reach wider audience at affordable cost
  • Co- Registration – Partnering with related business for co-registration helps to expand business

Mailer Campaign Don’ts

  • ┬áMailer Bombarding – Bombarding with Emails to opt-in customers in short span, will result in un-subscription
  • Generalization – Sending mailer without customization & mailer list segmentation, wn’t deliver result