Facebook launches analytics for App

Facebook App AnalyticsWhat you can do with facebook app analytics?

Break down trends by country, age, gender, language and platform in order to gain insights about how specific groups of people use your app.

Funnels – Discover when your customers are having a problem getting through your app. Whether a checkout flow is asking for too much information, a level is too hard to beat, or you have a bug in your latest release – funnels help you get to the bottom of the problem.

Cohorts Analysis – You can look at what percentage of people who installed your app on a given day are still opening your app one week later. You can use cohorts to better understand retention, lifetime value, and repeat purchase rate.

Facebook App Ads & Third Party add tracking – Measure the lifetime value of your Facebook Ads. If you are running app ads on other mobile ad networks, you can integrate with attribution solution to measure ad performance and lifetime value by ad network.

Remember: Facebook Won't allow Google Analytics UTM Tracking in Facebook Ads. Does Google allow Adwords / Ad Tracking in Facebook Analytics?