Firebase Analytics – Custom Event Setup

Those who are in App Development, would heard of Firebase.  Firebase is a comprehensive app development suite, that helps to build & grow app

How to Set-up Custom Events in Firebase Analytics

Image Courtesy: the help of the Event Param Object & attributes in Custom Event, we can able to track the specific engagement in App. For that, we need to define the Custom Event Name & Event Param Object String with Attributes. 

In Firebase analytics, there are two types of events

  • Automated Events – These events are populated automatically (no customized required) in Firebase analytics
  • Custom Events in Firebase 

    • Like Events in Google Analytics, it is possible to set-up custom events for specific App Engagement 
    • The report can be viewed in Firebase Analytics > Events  or extracted via BigQuery (if you subscribed to firebase blaze plan)
    • Firebase Event Setup

      • Firebase Custom Event Name Syntax
      • Bundle bundle = new Bundle();
        bundle.putString(FirebaseAnalytics.Param.ITEM_ID, id);
        bundle.putString(FirebaseAnalytics.Param.ITEM_NAME, name);
        bundle.putString(FirebaseAnalytics.Param.CONTENT_TYPE, "image");
        mFirebaseAnalytics.logEvent(FirebaseAnalytics.Event.SELECT_CONTENT, bundle);
      • Source:

      • Syntax: firebaseanalytics.<Event Name>,bundle)
        Example: firebaseanalytics.Event.Notification_Sent,bundle)

      • Custom Event Param Syntax

        Syntax: firebaseanalytics.Param.<Param Object StringName>,<NotificationName>_Sent

        Example: firebaseanalytics.Param.MEDIUM,WelcomeNot_Sent

The Event Param has various String Object like Medium, Content_Type, etc.Event Param String Objects details Link for your kind reference – Link.  Another advantage of Firebase Event is there is no limit on total volume on event log

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