Firebase Performance Monitoring Report – Part 1

Firebase provides performance report for  Apps & Web Apps Platform. Let's foucs in the performance report related to Apps

The Firebase Peformance Report contains 3 Tabs

1. Dashboard
2. On Device Performance Report
3. Network Performance Report 


The dashboard Contains below performace related report

  • Issues this month by importance – Recent performance issues are given more importance related to app_inforeground, slow response
  • Slow rendering by screen
  • Network success rate – The percentage of HTTP/S requests made by the app that return with a 2xx or 3xx response code. You can find more information under the Network Requests tab.
  • Network response latency
  • Network response MIME types 
  • App start trace: Median duration

2. On Device Performance Report

Traces – A trace is a report of performance data captured between two points in time in your app. 

There are two type of traces report

1. Automated Traces report
2. Custom Traces report

Automated Traces report – The Automated report has below traces

  • App in Foreground –    measure the time when the app is running in the foreground and available to the user
  • App in Background –    measure the time when the app is running in the background
  • app start –    measures the time between when the user opens the app and when the app is responsive
  • Metrics – Seconds (Median)

Custom Traces

  • A custom trace is a report of performance data associated with some of the code in your app. You define the beginning and end of a custom trace using the APIs provided by the SDK