Firebase Product Real Time Facelift like Google analytics

Previously  in firebase it is not possible to validate the tracking during analytics implementation to minimize
the errors. Now in firebase, they introduce real time report

Like Google Analytics, Firebase launched two type off real time report to track the User engagement  

1. StreamView
2. DebugView

Image Courtesy : Firebase BlogWhat is StreamView?

  • Streamview is a firebase realtime report that helps to Monitor / Understand the User & Event Engagement for the past 30 Minutes

StreamView features

  • Individual User Engagement – It is possible to capture specific Individual user engagement report (User Snapshot). This is very useful for testing purpose (Click on User
  • Snapshot Button) 
  • User & Event Tracking Marquee – Real Time "User Tracking" by User Property Value, Location & App Version (Pls. Note: User properties are attributes you define to describe segments of your userbase, such as language preference or geographic location)
  • Real Time "Event Tracking by Top Events, Top location & App Version
  • Filter user property with Secondary Dimension, top events Country & App Version
  • Time Details Bar Chart – Time details bar chart for the past 30 Minutes 
  • Trending Report by User Property (OS / Device)


  • Debugview is a testing phase real time report that helps to identify errors during analytical implementation
  • By default, Debugview is disabled. One need to enable Debugview on the development device
  • Stream Panel 

    • Minutes Panel (Left Panel) –  Count of Events triggered during the Minute logged upto 30 Minutes. 
    • Seconds Panel (Middle Panel) – Count of Events triggered during the particular time stamp
    • Top Events & user Property (Right Panel) – Top Events & Property populated during 30 Minutes from Development device

These real time report helps to validate the analytics implementation & track the different notification
performance real time 

Image Courtesy : Firebase Blog