Gmail opens Possibility to track Open Rate from Google Analytics

One of the most prominent changes made in Gmail is image caching. This change may going to help the email marketers to track the Gmail Email Open Rate through Google Analytics. 

In most of the Asia Pacific regions, Gmail is the mostly used mail client among netizens. 

Image caching – When an image is cached, it is downloaded from the original server and stored on a proxy server. Gmail has now started caching images for users accessing Gmail via the webmail interface: meaning images are viewed only once on the original server while successive views will originate from the cached image on Google’s proxy servers.

Google may indirect support is another product Google Analytics, by tracking Email open rates. Some techies argue that, the image is cached in google server, it is not possible to track the open rate, some saws that, it is possible to track the open rate through open rates.

Does anyone experiment this in first hand? If so, pls. share your reference….