Google Analytics Databoard Widgets, Which one to use when, Why & How?

​Google Dashbard to find missing dash & dots wink

  • 2.1 Metric Widget – This will help you to track single Metric with multiple Dimension Filters. This Metric is useful to Google Analytics Dashboard Widgetsanalyze Goal Or Specific metric with granular dimension filters
  • Pie Widget – This Widget helps to represent data in graphical format (Ice candy Pie Chart). Apply this widget to dimensions which has 5 to 6 Segements (Example: Source). Dis-advantage – It is not possible to do compare Time Windows
  • Timeline Widget – This is a graphical representation widget. This is very useful to understand traffic seasonal behavior (Where there is a spike or drop in the traffic)
  • Table Widget – To compare two time-window, this is the metric is very very useful. Moreover, this is the only widget we can track two metrics. For me, this is a Woo widget that converts data into actionable insight
  • Geomap Widget – Graphic representation of Geographic Data (Continent, SubContinent, Country, Region, City, Metric)
  • Bar Widget – We can pivot two dimensions and repreresent the data in Graphical Format (Bar Chart)