Google Analytics Feature Release – Update

The following changes in Google Analytics have begun rolling out to user accounts and will be available in the coming weeks.

  • Trash Can: Provides a self-service interface for users to rescue items that were mistakenly deleted from their account structure. 
  • Geo ID Widening: Adds City and Region fields to the Measurement Protocol and adds a Geographical Data import type. This feature also exposes a new Geo dimension in the Reporting API. 

  • Custom Funnels (Premium only): Allows customers to create user level, ad-hoc “funnels” to perform task completion analysis. 

  • Improved GA/AdWords Remarketing List Activation: Improves the activation flow for new lists created in Google Analytics. 

  • “Query Word Count” dimension: Adds Query Word Count to Search Queries report. This allows advertisers to analyze incoming search queries based on the number of words used in the query.

  • Cohort Analysis Reporting: Adds a report that provides cohort analysis on user behavior, including daily, weekly, and monthly retention and revenue/purchaser behavior. This report allows website owners and app developers to examine the percentage of users that are still using an app/site over time, and how much revenue/desired behavior they are generating. 

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