Google Analytics for Firebase – What’s in the Store? – Part 1

Google Analytics SDK will be decommissoned on 31st Oct'19. If you installed Firebase, You can upgrade to Google Analytics for firebase for free. 

Google is very smart. They Killed the Google Analytics SDK that gives awesome report for users but unable to generate revenue for Google.  Moreover, Nobody is willing to migrate to firebase because of Google Analytics SDK. So they decommission the Google Analytics SDK & made the Google analytics for firebase a revenue generating product. 

Let's see what's in the store for Google Analytics for Firebase

  • Free Tool but restricted (Kind of Free) – Google Analytics for Firebase is Free Tool, but the data access is restricted
  • Sampled Report (Full Report – Subscribe to Bigquery) – Google analytics for Firebase provides Sample data for larger time window
  • Analysis Hub (Sampled Data) – Analysis Hub help us to build Funnel, Custom report, Path Aanalysis, Segment Overlap But these data are sampled
  • Fractured Event Data – You are see all the event count & users like firebase but we cann't export event params (We need to subscribe for Big Query)

Report that are fetched from Firebase

  • Real Time report Fetched from Firebase
  • Event Report 
  • Audience
  • User Property
  • Debug View 

Report We can Fetch 

  • New User Source Wise Report & we can apply secondary dimensions
  • Get Device Wise Report & we can apply secondary dimensions
  • Get Screenwise report & we can apply secondary dimensions
  • Get Demography report & we can apply secondary dimensions
  • APP Release App Status