Google Analytics Mobile Apps Engagement Report Insight

  • Overview – The Overview includes usage metrics like Screen Views, Crashes, and the Total number of Events that occur on a screen.
  • Screens –  Evaluate the performance of each screen in your app. This report breaks out screen usage metrics, like the number of Screen Views, Unique Screen Views, and the % Exit from a Screen
  • Engagement flow – Like Funnel Visualization Report.  See visitor movement between Screens, Events, or a blended view of both Screens and Events.  You must set up Events in your app tracking code before they appear in the Engagement Flow.
  • Crashes and Exceptions – This report shows the name and a brief description of the top Exceptions, or technical errors, that happen in your app. But we needs additional set-up for Android & iOS     
  • App Speed – App Speed reports to see how long different requests take to load in your app.
  • Map Overlay
  • Behavior -This important set of reports points out who your most loyal users might be based on how often they visit your app.

    • New vs. Returning
    • Loyalty
    • Recency
    • Session Duration -Sessions remain open as long as activity is tracked, and are closed after 30 seconds of inactivity has passed.