Google Analytics Rolling Out New Feature Called Google Signals for Cross Device Tracking

What is Google Signals?

  • Google Signals Feature help us to understand the journey your customers are taking across their devices as they interact with your website
  • No need to updated your website code to activate this Features

What Report it provides?

Acquisition Device report 

  • This is a Cross Device reporting in Analytics takes into account how users visit your website multiple times from different devices
  • Cross Device reports only display aggregated and anonymized data from people who have opted in to personalized advertising (as always users can opt out at any time)
  • Instead of seeing metrics in Analytics that show two separate sessions (e.g., one on desktop and the other on mobile), you’ll be able to see when users visited your website from two different devices

What we infer from this report?

  • From this report, we can understand how prospects engage with your sites through different devices
  • What device attributed (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet) to different touchpoints

How to activate the feature?

Google Anaytics > Go TO > Admin > Property column > Tracking info > Data Collection
* Select the properties for which you want to activate Google signals (all properties of the account, this property only, or a specific subset of properties in the account).
* Click ACTIVATE if you want to activate Google signals immediately.

Pls Note: Google Says "The option to activate Google signals will be rolling out to all users in the coming weeks. If you don't see it now, you will soon"

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