Google Business Model (Google DNA) – Why Google Is No. 1 Organization in the world?

The Google business model is that, they give to society before they gain. Only few businesses has this model. First give to society then society will take care of you. Most of the google services to end User (I mean end user) are free. Google Search, Youtube, Android & much more. Google started this revolution of innovating things & give it to society to taste the innovation for free. Once the society tasted the innovation, they stick to Google. 

Another beautiful characteristic of Google is keep on innovating new product & services. They will not allow others to dominate because of constant innovation. It is easy to be in No. 1 Position, but to stay in that position requires perseverance, discipline & keep on innovating… It is wonderful to see Google keep that momentum & stay in that position for long.  Would like to end with Steve Jobs Quote – “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”