Google Drastic Ad Position Change Impact / Insight

Google confirms "Adwords Ads in search result in the right hand side ads will be removed global from desktop" Why?

Desktop Ads Presentation change – Google is switching up how it displays ads on desktop searches, removing them from the right-hand side of results and putting them only at the top and bottom of the page. (Source Link:

Paid Ad Feature – 4 Ads on the Top & 3 Ads in the bottom

From advertisers perspective

  • Eye ball movement & click behavior – If we study the Google Search Result Page heatmap, Around 82% of the engagement is happening in top 4 result. Pls. find below the heatmaps screenshot. 

(Image Courtesy:

  • Organic Search result engagement behavior – this will reduce the organic real estate promimence significanly.
  • Brand bidding pressure  – Advertisers are forced to bid for Brand keyword variance because of search ad real estate prominance
  • Page Navigation Paid Ad CTR – The CTR of No.2+ Page will increase as compared to existing because of the position prominence

From google Perspective

  • Revenue Driven – Google revenue will increase from desktop search due to re-align of paid ad property towards high eye ball movement position
  • Right Panel Real Estate – Now, Google has to option to promote any google product (Youtube, ecommerce ads) in the right panel