Google Godzilla started getting Qualitative Data – Google Consumer Survey

Google created new revenue model through Google Consumer Survey ( This is a Google Consumer Surveygreat move from Google to get qualitative data. Till Now, Google extracts only quantitative data, now through this service; Google is in control of qualitative data. So, Google knows your business, products & customer experience. This product is win-win move from Google.

How to run a campaign in Google Customer Service

1. Create a Survey with our questionnaires

2. Add your target audience. (The pricing is based on the target audience)

3. Review and run the Survey

Where the Surveys are published?

Questions run across sites in our diverse publisher network in order to get the necessary respondents. Publishers—online news sites, video creators, and app developers.


Using Quantitative and qualitative data, Google easily map an individual Behavior and Group (Company) Information. Those who exposed to internet are exposed to Google Gozilla!!!