Google is No.1 because of its product strategy

It is interesting to watch, how Google has been transformed from statistical to search engine giant to Product company. Google strategy has very good foresightedness as compared to another other company in his class.

In most of the case Google won’t build product from the stretch. They acquire small companies and integrate with their existing product’s & services.¬†For Example

  • Google Analytics (Urchin)
  • Youtube
  • Picasa
  • Feedburner
  • Writely (Google Docs)

Moreover, they update the product regularly to suits their product-line & consumer needs. All the Google products are free of cost (Except: Adwords – Bread & Butter for Google). They make the consumers addictive to their product’s & services. Once the consumers started using their products rigorously, they come-up with the “Premium Version” and start to generate revenue through them.

For Example

  • Google Analytics -> 86% of the business use GA. They come-up with premium support and start generaing revenue
  • Youtube -> No.1 Video property in the world. Google run ads & campaign in youtube
  • Google Drive (Google Docs) -> Premium backup plan

Beauty of Google is that, the way they implement new feature’s & upgrades to their products in short span. This is possible because, most of the Google employees love what they are doing (They have passion & entrepreneurial qualities). Google has all the ingredients to be No.1 in the Web (Like Money, Passion, Innovative, adaptability). In Most of the Google’s product life cycle, there is no saturation stage. They are always with the growth curve. Love to see you growing Google….