Google Optimize Part II

Google Optimize Experiment  Features 

  • The Experiment objective can be mapped to Goals, Pageviews, Sessions, Bounce
  • It is possible to set in what % of page Variants needs to be shown to visitors
  • It is possible to serve the test specific to region, browser, OS

Google Optimize Experiments Settings 

  • Objective –  The objective can be mapped to Goals, Pageviews, Sessions, Bounce Rate
  • Variant – Build Variant 1, Variant 2
  • Targetting 

    • Visitor Targetting
    • Traffic Segment
    • When the Experiement needs to be triggered
    •  When the Page Loads
    • Add Conditions (City, Browser, etc)

Google Optimize Reports & Google Analytics Reports  

Google Optimize Report – It is avaiable n the respective Testing Interface (Experiment Sessions,Improvement Overview,Goal Conversion Report, Conversion Rate Overtime) 

Google Optimize Report in Google Analytics

Google Optimize Report is available in Google Analytics in Behavior Sections > Publisher > Experiments

  • Experiment Sessions
  • Conversion
  • Conversion rate
  • Compare to Original
  • Probability of Outperforming Original

Linking Google Optimize with adwords brings full potenial of optimize & to acquire leads @ better CTL that results in better ROI