Google’s Aug. 1 core algorithm update Insight

The Vertical that has been Impacted by Core alogritham Udpate

Google gives less Weightage to the pages that collects critical Information from Users

* Pages that solicit personal information, such as personal identification numbers, bank account numbers, drivers license numbers, etc., which could be used for identity theft.

* Pages used for monetary transactions, on which users might give their credit account or bank account information; for example, any page that allows you to buy something.
* Pages that offer medical or health information that could impact your physical well-being.
* Pages offering advice on major life decisions, such as pages on parenting, purchasing a home, a veicyle and so on.
* Pages offering advice on major life issues that could impact your future happiness and finances, such as pages giving legal or financial advice.


What we understand from this update

  • All the Single Page microsite that collects Personal information, their authority will be dropped in search engine. Becuase, these sites more of transcational motive than added any informative value to the Users
  • If we see the chart, the Majority hit verticals in search engine results  is health followed by ecommerce, business & finance. Thus means the page should be more informative than transcational