How Digital Marketing will be in 2030….

Precise behavioral targetting through digital 
“Digital Marketing in 2030 will be very, very targeted. You phone will be your ID. It will be a chip implemented in your arm or just a holographic watch; it will be your digital DNA. Billboards, Displays, TV, and Retail Stores will know when you are near and show you the most relevant information, whether it is an ad on TV, on the radio, or shopping suggestion in retail store based on your diet. No more female face cream commercials to guys, who only uses soap” – Kirill Balchenkov, Project Manager

Digital Marketing Customization for specific individuals

“The Digital Marketing Landscape in 2030 will be a highly efficient, personal, and interactive experience for consumers and marketers. Targeting specific personality profiles will fade, being replaced by targeting single households or individuals depending on the channel. Research will be, in large part, automated, making personal targeting possible, which in term will polarize the industry into two job classifications:

Automatetors – responsible for harvesting all marketing data, modeling it, and serving it to the appropriate locations.
Creatives –  responsible for generating messaging & content that connects with the emotional touch points outline by modeling”

One Design for All device

"Why deploy an app for Droid, WP and Apple when you can design just one web site that reacts properly on various screen sizes. Reduces costs, user frustration and ensures a high quality assurance rate" – Garth O’Brien, Organic Search Director