How to Effectively Optimization Firebase Analytics – Bigquery – Datastudio?

What you should not do in Firebaase, Bigquery, Datastudio that will increase the subscription cost exponentially !

  • Select * –  Don't query Select * command while querying – It will result in  exponential increase in Bigquery Analysis TB consumption  & subscription cost
  • Connecting the dataset directly –  Don't connect biquery tablet with datastudio directly – Each time you call the data studio report, it will query lifetime time window of the firebase dataset
  • Don't Crashanalytics  to Bigquery – Unless & unintall it is very essential to infer from it.
  • Dataset Time Window quering – Don't query larger dataset, unless / until it is extermely important
  • Don't Filter Field in Datastudio – Don't filter dimension in datastudio, for every change it will query whole dataset
  • Custom Events – Don't Push Unwanted Events to Bigquery
  • Multiple Apps in one Project – Don't have multiple Apps in Single Firebase  Project

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